Ban 1080 Petition to Senate of Australia

Senate of Australia - BAN 1080 POISON

On the 2nd September 2016, Animal Liberation CEO Lynda Stoner was invited to attend the “Feral” Cat Community Round table discussion hosted by the Threatened Species Commissioner Gregory Andrews. We were permitted to show the above video of a dog dying from a small ingestion of 1080 poison. The dog was an unintended victim as are so many native and companion animals who ingest corpses containing 1080 poison.

We are calling on the Australian government for a ban on 1080. Animals who ingest 1080 endure vomiting, screaming fits, drooling, seizures, frenzied behaviour and uncontrolled paddling. This awful component has been banned in most countries around the world. The Commissioner himself said 1080 was inhumane and we must work to get rid of it.

Please download and print our petition below and return with as many signatures as possible.

Download Petition - PDF

Petitions can be sent to our office at Suite 506/89 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000