Doughnut Time Petition




Doughnut Time we absolutely love your vegan donuts (and notice that most of the time they sell out super fast!). Considering the latest footage released exposing the horrors of the egg industry we are asking you to significantly expand your range of cruelty free vegan donuts. By signing this petition we commit to buying from your vegan range and supporting your business should you consider making this ethical decision.

In June 2016 we received anonymous undercover footage.The footage shows the routine practice of male chick maceration common to all types of egg production, including so-called "free-range" certified facilities.

Every year, billions of male baby chicks are euphemistically "culled" because they can’t lay eggs. Male chicks are macerated simply because the industry has no use for them they are not selectively bred to become as large as those in the broiler industry are, and they cannot produce eggs. This means that they are surplus "stock", little more than an inconvenience to the bottom-line that offers no profit and are considered worthless.

They are literally ground alive.

But there’s good news: we don’t need eggs. Heck, we don’t even want eggs (or any other animal product for that matter). Like many other restaurants popping up like little vegan meccas across Sydney, Doughnut Time can decide now not to support this industry, built as it is on the backs of countless suffering animals.

We are asking Doughnut Time to expand its vegan selection to at least 50% of their products or more. That means that at least half of their stock will be cruelty-free and delicious.

Numerous other restaurants have adopted a 100% vegan, cruelty-free selection. Gelato Blue in Newtown has cut 100% of their dairy products and is now completely cruelty-free, including their gelatos and sweets. It is possible, it is necessary, it is time Doughnut Time.

Doughnut Time: we the undersigned support you to make this ethical change!