Animal Welfare Liaison Unit or Taskforce to be established in the Victoria Police Force

Animal welfare has become a leading concern in Australia over the last few years. However, the leading authority for animal welfare, the RSPCA, has stated that the amount of complaints and the area to cover is overwhelming and their recourses are limited. Meanwhile,unfortunately, costs are going up.

The RSPCA has a policy to not follow up anonymous animal cruelty complaints. Complainants are often fearful of the perpetrators and can be concerned with other forms of backlash from making any complaint. Further, unless you actually witness an event of cruelty/abuse it is not investigated. Another enforcement agency needs to fill the gaps created by these policies.

Furthermore, the Victorian Police is a body with the expertise to deal with complex animal cruelty issues which are often linked with other crimes such as domestic violence, drug use, and illegal gambling. For example, 71-83% of females in domestic violence situations report abuse or killing of a companion animal by their assailant- and will often remain in an abusive relationship to protect the animal (Ascione, F.R. (1998). Battered women's reports of their partners' and their children's cruelty to animals, Journal of Emotional Abuse, 1, 119-133). 

Please send all signed hard copies to the Animal Liberation office at Suite 506, 89 York St, Sydney 2000.

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