Ban petting zoos

Petting zoos give children the impression that animals exist for them to be treated without regard for their well-being. It normalises the idea of captivity, which can have lasting impacts on the way they interact with and view animals for the rest of their lives. Children learn what a frightened, frustrated animal is like, away from its natural habitat. These are not appropriate examples to set for children and provide no educational value.

Most petting zoo animals are very young and have been prematurely taken away from their mothers. Frightened and often in various states of distress, these young animals are denied their normal socialisation and developmental processes. Animals are disposed of when they are no longer young enough to be attractive to customers.

There is also a high probability of children and adult contracting zoonosis resulting in e Coli and other diseases that hand washing alone will not prevent

Please send all signed hard copies to the Animal Liberation office at Suite 506, 89 York St, Sydney 2000.

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