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27 Councils ban cage eggs

egg_production_dvd27 Councils so far in NSW have shown courage and compassion in passing these motions and several have voted to have a meat free day per month in recognition of the harm to animals, the environment and human health.Watch the 3 minute video.


Woolworths - supporting cruelty!

Sow_FramePlease write to Woolworths regarding giving a convicted pig farmer a "second chance".

WOOLWORTHS' image as the "fresh food people" is under attack over its refusal to dump a pork supplier charged with aggravated cruelty.


Ban Jumps Racing campaign

Jumps racing is a form of horseracing run over longer distances than flat races and with heavier jockeys. It requires horses to jump typically, as many as thirty-three fixed obstacles. For decades jumps racing has created a major horse welfare concern due to the cruel nature of the sport which involves horses falling and suffering severe injuries resulting in death.


Education Action Group

Animal Liberation volunteers have been busy educating the public on animal rights issues at community and music festivals and other events throughout the year. Festivals attended this year have included The Big Day Out, The Great Escape, Surry Hills Festival, Splendour in the Grass, and most recently Earthdance. Animal Liberation has also had stalls on King St Newtown, at the Annandale Pub Markets, and at various bands including The Thaw and Most Precious Blood. Over the next couple of months, you'll also be able to see us at the Newtown Festival and Homebake, and at various bands including Magic Dirt.


Fur Action Group

The Fur Action Group recently joined forces with PETA International to campaign against Burberry and their affiliation with the fur trade. The campaign was a raving success and made the front page of every major newspaper in Australia, and all over the globe.