Pig Farming Exposé

Animal Liberation NSW and Animal Liberation ACT have jointly launched a campaign "Australian Pig Farming: The Inside Story", following an investigation into Wally's Piggery, located 20 minutes from Canberra.

The undercover investigation led to a raid on this piggery by police, animal welfare inspectors and the Food Authority. 

Shocking evidence of brutal animal abuse and horrific slaughter exposed the pig industry’s hidden crimes.

Mark Pearson, Executive Director Animal Liberation NSW said:

"This piggery is one of the worst examples of factory farming where animals are treated like 'production machines' and no thought is given to their capacity to suffer.

"Animal activists from Animal Liberation ACT & NSW discovered and photographed pigs, sows and piglets living in appalling conditions. Images also included buckets of dead piglets, a sledge hammer used to bludgeon pigs, and sows with open sores."

Jess Ferry, Co-President of Animal Liberation ACT said:

“Hidden cameras filming over several weeks revealed sick and dying animals, workers throwing and kicking piglets and beating sows, and infestations of flies around and on the pigs. In the slaughter room, the footage showed the owner of the piggery smashing his pigs with a sledgehammer before cutting their throat and leaving them to die in agony over six minutes, sometimes returning to use the knife or sledgehammer again. No stunning device was used, and workers were seen to be drinking from beer bottles during their shift in the slaughter room.“

Please visit www.aussiepigs.com to learn more and find out how you can help the thousands of pigs who are subjected to cruelty on this farm and by the pig industry.

You can also stay up-to-date with the campaign on the Facebook page.

For media enquiries please contact Mark Pearson on 0417 252 107.