Protest Performing Animals At Lennon Bros Circus - Enfield

Lennon Bros Circus, boasting lions, monkeys, ponies and more, is coming to Enfield this weekend and we intend to be there to speak out for the animals. Join Animal Liberation NSW for a peaceful protest aimed at educating the public about the plight of circus animals, raising awareness of these issues and spreading support for an end to animals in circuses! Although many councils have banned the use of animals for performance on public land, Burwood Council has not – which is why we would love to support a state-wide ban on all performing animals in circuses!

Already banned in the ACT, as well as many local, regional and state governments around the world – it is even banned entirely in countries such as Bolivia & Greece – animal circuses are past their expiry date! So join us in being a voice for the animals at Lennon Bros Circus and calling for an end to animals in circuses in NSW.

Lennon Bros' brand of "family entertainment" involves a life of captivity for animals born into the circus. They are denied their natural instincts in small enclosures, transported constantly and forced to perform unnatural and degrading tricks. Help to stop this misery now!

Join Animal Liberation to protest the continued use of animals by Lennon Bros Circus and send a message to Burwood Council that they should no longer support this out-dated form of entertainment on council land. (

WHEN: Saturday, November 8th @ 12-2pm.
WHERE: Elliott Reserve, Enfield (street address TBC)
WHAT: Just bring yourselves and any appropriate signs! Flyers and some signs will be provided.