Eggs Exposed: the Hatchery

An Australian-first investigation by Animal Liberation and Aussie Farms reveals
the mass killing of 'useless' male chicks and the painful de-beaking of day-old females

Male chick on the edge of the conveyor into the maceratorFor every egg-laying hen born into the Australian egg industry, a male chick is born who can't lay eggs and therefore has no commercial value. Every year in Australia, around 12 million of these male chicks are macerated (ground up alive) or gassed in the first day of their lives as 'waste products' of the industry. A large number of abnormal or deformed females are also macerated.

Now, for the first time ever in Australia, the horrific reality of this maceration has been captured on camera, along with the painful de-beaking inflicted on the female chicks. Filmed at one of the country's largest hatcheries, owned by Specialised Breeders Australia (SBA) and located at Huntly, just outside of Bendigo, Victoria, the footage highlights the inexcusable cruelty and suffering behind every carton of eggs, from caged to free-range.

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The issues revealed in our investigation are inherent to egg production across Australia and the entire world. In addition to the male chicks being killed shortly after birth, and the females being painfully de-beaked, the females are then sent to live in cramped, filthy conditions in sheds with tens of thousands of other birds, and killed at just 18 months of age when their production of eggs slows. Egg farming will always be cruel - the most effective thing you can do to end all of this is to simply stop eating eggs and encourage others to do the same, by sharing the above video with them.

Please also sign our petition below, asking the Australian egg industry to stop the mass killing of day-old male chicks.

Australian Egg Corporation, NSW Farmers Egg Committee, Victorian Farmers' Federation Egg Group: Stop the mass killing of day old male chicks

Animal Liberation and Aussie Farms have exposed footage of the maceration of male chicks at one of Australias largest hatcheries.

The Australian egg industry grinds up or gasses over 12 million day old chicks every year while they are still alive. This occurs in hatchery systems supplying caged, barn-laid, free range, and organic egg laying chickens.

In the footage male chicks can be seen falling from the conveyor into a machine with blades that mangle and slash the young chicks to pieces. These chicks are fully capable of feeling pain. The violence we see in this footage is standard and LEGAL in the egg industry. This must change. If egg producers macerated or gassed kittens or puppies in the same way that male chicks are disposed of in the egg industry they would prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Chickens are extremely intelligent, with similar cognitive abilities to mammals. They are capable of stress, fear and pain- exactly what they would be suffering when being macerated or gassed.

The egg industry must take responsibility for the cruelty in their industry and immediately stop the mass slaughter of male chicks.


Petition Signatures (7002)

7002. Catherine Harris
Wed 12/4/17 12:54pm
7001. Patricia Rochard-Buyse
Fri 7/4/17 7:18pm
7000. Fredrik Eklundh
Thu 6/4/17 12:48am
6999. C U
Wed 22/3/17 5:04am
6998. Olena haider
Tue 21/3/17 6:35pm
6997. Franziska Eber
Mon 20/3/17 6:13pm
6996. Jodi L Igard
Mon 20/3/17 3:57pm
6995. Sílvio Teixeira
Mon 20/3/17 11:29am
6994. David Barraza
Mon 20/3/17 10:45am
6993. Ryan Williamson
Sat 18/3/17 10:01am
6992. Charlotte Boothman
Wed 15/3/17 7:50pm
6991. Fatic
Wed 8/3/17 12:30pm
6990. Kim Mason
Tue 7/3/17 1:18pm
6989. mihaela gongescu
Tue 7/3/17 2:10am
6988. Helen Rose
Sun 5/3/17 9:20pm
6987. Anonymous
Mon 27/2/17 7:23pm
This is horrible & should be illegal.
6986. Michelle Wiltshire
Mon 27/2/17 7:48am
This is vile! How can we as humans do this???
6985. Samantha Arton-Powell
Sun 26/2/17 6:14pm
Ugly people, stop this killing and horrific cruelty. I hope you get maserated one day.
6984. Airian Lithe
Sun 26/2/17 8:00am
6983. Anonymous
Sun 26/2/17 7:49am
6982. Claire Berry
Sat 25/2/17 8:36pm
Animal cruelty at its worst - a law must be brought it to stop this being legal
6981. sophie
Sat 25/2/17 4:50pm
6980. Losiowski
Fri 24/2/17 3:44am
6979. R.Dwyer
Thu 23/2/17 2:50pm
Barbaric and abusive behaviors all in an effort to improve profit.....barbaric!!
6978. jess keegan
Thu 23/2/17 12:23pm
6977. Jaromir Borysek
Thu 23/2/17 12:03pm
6976. Pat daykin
Thu 23/2/17 2:36am
Why is mankind so cruel
6975. Audrey Liverant
Thu 23/2/17 2:24am
6974. Barbara Cutler
Thu 23/2/17 1:45am
6973. Julie Strauss
Thu 23/2/17 12:31am
Absolutely disgusting way to treat animals, this has to stop!
6972. Angela Torr
Wed 22/2/17 11:50pm
6971. Mahsa
Wed 22/2/17 9:59pm
We want to stop this cruelty agains male chickens
6970. Callum Lawrence
Wed 22/2/17 9:14pm
6969. Meg Goodwin
Wed 22/2/17 8:52pm
This is a disgrace...when is this cruel madness going to end!
6968. Jacqueline Yeo
Wed 22/2/17 7:19pm
6967. Joel pollard
Wed 22/2/17 7:12pm
6966. javiera hermosa
Wed 22/2/17 6:17pm
6965. Cassie-Jo Hudson
Wed 22/2/17 6:05pm
6964. Teena mastro
Wed 22/2/17 5:18pm
This is brutal murder
6963. Margaret Nowland
Wed 22/2/17 5:15pm
Please stop this awful cruelty.
6962. Hari
Wed 22/2/17 4:32pm
6961. Pauline Rix
Sun 19/2/17 10:06pm
6960. Trudy Hill
Sun 19/2/17 5:08pm
Humanity's greed makes us the most heartless and inferior species 😢
6959. Maryam
Wed 15/2/17 7:33pm
6958. Julie
Wed 15/2/17 9:15am
6957. Talara
Tue 14/2/17 9:08pm
6956. Patrícia Vaz
Fri 10/2/17 9:48pm
6955. Zachary Herbert
Fri 10/2/17 5:11am
6954. elaine durell
Fri 10/2/17 2:30am
6953. Kerry lucas
Fri 10/2/17 12:39am
Sick 😡
6952. Anonymous
Tue 7/2/17 12:20pm
6951. Fujiye Lederman
Tue 7/2/17 7:23am
6950. Debbie Barnes
Fri 3/2/17 1:08pm
6949. Joanne Kingdon
Thu 2/2/17 10:56pm
6948. Carla Gämperle
Wed 1/2/17 12:42pm
6947. Mark Berriman
Wed 1/2/17 12:31pm
In large commercial operations, with the help of complicit media, animals will always be treated as an insentient commodity.
6946. alex carter
Wed 1/2/17 10:27am
How can we sit idly by and let such atrocities occur daily and still have pride in ourselves? We have truly created hell on earth
6945. Rosemary Holland
Wed 1/2/17 7:56am
6944. Tamela Snell
Wed 1/2/17 6:17am
I can't believe the industry can get away with this barbaric cruelty. It is time to stop animal cruelty once and for all. All animals feel pain, fear, love, loss, and deserve to be treated well. Shame on the poultry industry for their cruelty.
6943. Karen Mariner
Wed 1/2/17 12:29am
6942. Alana
Wed 1/2/17 12:14am
6941. Tarja Hietanen
Wed 1/2/17 12:06am
6940. Danielle Holmes
Tue 31/1/17 11:59pm
Shouldn't be legal! How awful
6939. Barbara Pevic
Tue 31/1/17 10:55pm
Please please, imagine if that's how you were to die, or your loved ones? Horrific right? Well the pain is the same for these poor defenceless chicks.
6938. Andrew Elleray
Tue 31/1/17 9:51pm
6937. Mikaela Young
Tue 31/1/17 9:42pm
6936. Tessa
Tue 31/1/17 7:05pm
6935. Laura Johnson
Tue 31/1/17 6:57pm
how can you live with yourself
6934. Maryam
Tue 31/1/17 5:16pm
6933. Anonymous
Tue 31/1/17 5:09pm
6932. Ro Godwin
Tue 31/1/17 3:55pm
Enough of this abhorrent cruelty 😡😡
6931. Shirley Birney
Tue 31/1/17 2:20pm
Only primitive cretins and greed merchants would engage in or endorse this evil practice.
6930. heather taylor
Tue 31/1/17 1:39pm
this is not warranted. a terrible waste of life.
6929. Deb Sahd
Tue 31/1/17 1:19pm
6928. Fallon Voroshine
Tue 31/1/17 1:06pm
With technology advances there must be away to avoid this! No animal should suffer this fate!
6927. Cheryl Rennie
Tue 31/1/17 1:06pm
6926. Michelle Matic
Tue 31/1/17 11:41am
6925. Anonymous
Tue 31/1/17 11:31am
6924. Jenae Hall
Tue 31/1/17 11:06am
6923. Anonymous
Tue 31/1/17 10:57am
Tue 31/1/17 10:39am
6921. Jennifer burboa
Tue 31/1/17 9:38am
6920. Heroufosse
Tue 31/1/17 9:12am
6919. Lois Bryson
Tue 31/1/17 9:10am
Barbaric and totally unacceptable
6918. karen
Tue 31/1/17 8:07am
This is disgusting.
6917. Julie buck
Tue 31/1/17 7:59am
Discusting an cruel humans
6916. Michael Cassidy
Tue 31/1/17 7:50am
I have assumed a vegan diet precisely because I became aware of the great cruelty perpetrated by meat and dairy folks.
6915. Kirsty Young
Tue 31/1/17 7:44am
6914. Rhonda Marks
Tue 31/1/17 7:19am
Enough, this will stop now.
6913. Pravleen Kaur Mehta
Tue 31/1/17 7:10am
Please stop this cruelty .....we don't have right to kill them...
6912. Sharon Clark
Tue 31/1/17 7:04am
6911. Lydia
Tue 31/1/17 7:00am
6910. Emma Sørensen
Tue 31/1/17 6:59am
6909. Jackie Oliver
Tue 31/1/17 6:56am
This has to stop.
6908. Carol Pomeroy
Tue 31/1/17 6:52am
Absolutely can they sleep at night!
6907. ju Wise
Tue 31/1/17 6:52am
maybe we are all robots nowerdays.... wtf is wrong...?
6906. Nicole Lorandt
Tue 31/1/17 6:45am
6905. Anonymous
Tue 31/1/17 6:40am
The world is full of fat greedy people, stop overproduction and cruelty to innocent animals
6904. Maureen cribb
Tue 31/1/17 6:36am
This is cruelty beyond belief, there this expertise available to determine sex of chicks whilst they are in the egg so this practice should be brought in and used in this industry immediately,
6903. Debra cahill
Tue 31/1/17 6:28am
6902. Kim-Marie Laraby
Tue 31/1/17 6:26am
This is barbaric and needs to stop!
6901. therese blacketor
Tue 31/1/17 6:14am
Please stop this atrocious practice. No one deserves this fate!
6900. Natalie
Tue 31/1/17 6:13am
6899. Anonymous
Tue 31/1/17 6:07am
6898. Stephanie Clifford
Tue 31/1/17 6:04am
6897. ganci christelle
Tue 31/1/17 6:03am
6896. Constance Peri
Tue 31/1/17 6:03am
6895. sebastian goin
Tue 31/1/17 6:00am
6894. Deborah Chalmers
Tue 31/1/17 5:45am
6893. Kaleena Willis
Tue 31/1/17 5:40am
6892. Taleen
Tue 31/1/17 5:17am
Disgusting and horrific
6891. Bundschus
Tue 31/1/17 4:38am
6890. Sharon Kaylor
Tue 31/1/17 3:30am
Please stop this horrible murder of these beautiful and innocent beings.
6889. Skye
Tue 31/1/17 2:15am
6888. Janet Kerr
Tue 31/1/17 1:58am
Is this who we want to be?
6887. Selmeier
Tue 31/1/17 1:54am
6886. Mine Aragon
Tue 31/1/17 1:20am
Barbaric Practice!!
6885. Dorothy Huggett
Tue 31/1/17 1:20am
Please stop this barbaric practice
6884. Katherine Wimmer
Tue 31/1/17 1:17am
All lives matter. This needs to be stopped all around the world.
6883. Marco Moya
Tue 31/1/17 12:11am
6882. Garo Kassabian
Tue 31/1/17 12:04am
This must end. This has to end. This will end. Go Vegan.
6881. Tracey Pfeiffer
Tue 31/1/17 12:02am
6880. Dagmar Boehmer
Mon 30/1/17 11:50pm
6879. Pamela Ison
Mon 30/1/17 11:25pm
This is very barbaric and easily solved by not eating eggs. Egg replacers work fine.
6878. Anonymous
Mon 30/1/17 11:00pm
This sadistic and barbaric practice must stop immediately. It is disgusting to think that humans are capable of such blatent cruelty and that is is standard practice in your industry. This mass cruelty, suffering and pain of these sentient beings must stop now.
6877. Shale Preston
Mon 30/1/17 10:35pm
Please, please stop this carnage. It defies description that this horrendous cruelty is being practiced in the 21st century.
6876. Rachel Radic
Mon 30/1/17 10:21pm
6875. Verity Grace
Mon 30/1/17 10:21pm
6874. Axel Johnson
Mon 30/1/17 10:20pm
Is this real life?
6873. tom hollis
Mon 30/1/17 10:19pm
6872. Sophia Niven
Mon 30/1/17 10:17pm
This is disgusting. I will NEVER support the Australian egg industry while they continue to implement such inhumane and barbaric practices.
6871. Rebecca Turnbull
Mon 30/1/17 10:02pm
Please stop this now. Please show some compassion
6870. Anonymous
Mon 30/1/17 10:02pm
such violence towards a small newborn is brutality and cowardice at its worst
Mon 30/1/17 9:57pm
6868. Christin
Mon 30/1/17 9:56pm
6867. Sheree Blanch
Mon 30/1/17 9:54pm
6866. Paul Fiocco
Mon 30/1/17 9:21pm
6865. Rakcha
Mon 30/1/17 8:57pm
6864. Lisa carnall
Mon 30/1/17 8:45pm
6863. Leah
Mon 30/1/17 8:42pm
6862. Lucinda Cantrell
Mon 30/1/17 8:40pm
If this was being done to humans, they'd be put away for torture. Animals feel the pain just as we do. Imagine if that was your baby?! It must stop!
6861. Dianne Brencher
Mon 30/1/17 8:34pm
This practice is barbaric. New regulations against animal cruelty need to be employed. Change the rules and show compassion to the World.
6860. Lisa Rees
Mon 30/1/17 8:16pm
6859. Melinda Jenkins
Mon 30/1/17 8:14pm
6858. Caitlyn Milliken
Mon 30/1/17 8:13pm
6857. Anonymous
Mon 30/1/17 7:31pm
6856. Bronwyn Gollan
Mon 30/1/17 7:26pm
6855. Louise Johnson
Mon 30/1/17 7:12pm
This needs to end, this abuse needs to be abolished now!!!
6854. Bryan Mcgrath
Mon 30/1/17 7:11pm
This cruelty is so bad!!
6853. Georgia
Mon 30/1/17 7:07pm
6852. Amy Johnson
Mon 30/1/17 7:02pm
Absolutely terrible. The cruelty is mind blowing. This should not be legal!!! I am totally against this animal abuse, its so so wrong!!
6851. Glenn Alldis
Mon 30/1/17 6:57pm
The egg industry must take responsibility for the cruelty in their industry.
6850. Vicki Tiernan
Mon 30/1/17 6:52pm
Mon 30/1/17 6:40pm
This is barbaric cruelty. The only reason the industry gets away with this is because the little chicks are so small.
Can you imagine the outcry if this was done to baby male calves, or puppies or sheep. It must stop now.
6848. Rebecca Mursic
Mon 30/1/17 6:36pm
6847. Chloe Bakes
Mon 30/1/17 6:35pm
This practice is disgusting, how can you think that the killing of all these innocent chickens is ethical. Not to mention that you grind them up whilst still alive. All life is precious and these chickens all want to live, how dare you take that right away from them. Stop this practice now.
6846. Amanda Thompson
Mon 30/1/17 6:27pm
Please please you must stop slaughtering baby male chicks. It is truly unconscionable. This is the 21st century. We have to start living in a civilised manner.
6845. Ruby Broadway
Mon 30/1/17 6:01pm
6844. Emma
Mon 30/1/17 6:00pm
6843. Dee
Mon 30/1/17 5:58pm
Pls stop torturing and murdering these innocent babies.
6842. Elaine Hymas
Mon 30/1/17 5:50pm
Stop this dreadful cruelty. Sickening to see this. How do you sleep at night?
6841. Raechel Roberts
Mon 30/1/17 5:47pm
6840. Maria Strzelecka
Mon 30/1/17 5:46pm
This is just barbaric, please, please stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
6839. Stephanie White
Mon 30/1/17 5:44pm
Please stop killing male chickens in this way. If you wouldn't want this sort of death for yourself why would you inflict it on an animal.
6838. Anonymous
Mon 30/1/17 5:31pm
6837. Ian Thai
Mon 30/1/17 5:26pm
6836. Daniel
Mon 30/1/17 5:25pm
As Australians, we are better than this.
6835. Fiz
Mon 30/1/17 5:25pm
Please stop this barbaric practice. Put compassion before profits. And go vegan everyone!
6834. Arlene
Mon 30/1/17 5:24pm
6833. Jessica Gardiner
Mon 30/1/17 5:24pm
6832. Yvonne Bishop
Mon 30/1/17 5:18pm
6831. Anonymous
Mon 30/1/17 5:14pm
6830. Nina Hagen
Mon 30/1/17 5:10pm
Stop !!!
6829. Alisha pyke
Mon 30/1/17 5:08pm
6828. Kirstyn Chase
Mon 30/1/17 5:04pm
6827. Grace Regan
Mon 30/1/17 5:03pm
This is absolutely horrifying and disgusting! Not at all humane and this act should not occur on a daily basis.
Mon 30/1/17 5:02pm
6825. Meeghan
Mon 30/1/17 4:54pm
6824. Glenys Lawton
Mon 30/1/17 3:27pm
This is disgusting. The egg industry must take responsibility for this appalling cruelty and stop this now.
6823. Rae-lee
Mon 30/1/17 11:46am
6822. Karyn
Sun 29/1/17 10:50pm
6821. Scott Krauss
Sun 29/1/17 10:40pm
In this day and age there are no more excuses for this cruelty. It must be stopped forever, immediately!
6820. Fiona
Sun 29/1/17 8:21pm
6819. Anonymous
Sun 29/1/17 6:50pm
6818. Barry Spurr
Sun 29/1/17 5:14pm
Stop this cruelty.
6817. Francis Atanacio
Sun 29/1/17 8:45am
6816. Monica Moya
Sun 29/1/17 8:42am
6815. Anonymous
Sun 29/1/17 1:15am
Disgusting and inhumane practice.
6814. Anonymous
Sat 28/1/17 11:34pm
This is disgusting
6813. Ben
Sat 28/1/17 11:14pm
6812. ursula
Sat 28/1/17 11:11pm
6811. Stacey Barnden
Sat 28/1/17 11:05pm
The mass slaughter of these innocent birds must stop!
6810. Eileen Kernohan
Sat 28/1/17 10:31pm
6809. Allison Stevens
Sat 28/1/17 9:22pm
How can anyone think this is right action?
6808. Jennifer Higgs
Sat 28/1/17 9:18pm
Disgraceful! Shame on these industries! If this isnt consudered animal cryelty then what is!! It must stop.
6807. Sara
Sat 28/1/17 8:37pm
6806. Heather clavell
Sat 28/1/17 8:17pm
6805. Kerry Good
Sat 28/1/17 7:31pm
Please stop this cruelty...please.
6804. Lisa carnall
Sat 28/1/17 7:21pm
6803. Mary Baker
Sat 28/1/17 7:12pm
This disgusting cruel practice needs to be stopped now!
6802. Cassie
Sat 28/1/17 7:10pm
Please stop!!! This is inhumane and if the public were more aware of what really goes on... all in the name of $$$ and industry, they may think twice about what they purchase.
6801. Mitchell
Sat 28/1/17 6:21pm
6800. Mitchell Gilbert
Sat 28/1/17 5:53pm
6799. Andrea Rac
Sat 28/1/17 5:39pm
6798. Sarah Howard
Sat 28/1/17 5:36pm
6797. Erika Aleidzans
Sat 28/1/17 5:35pm
6796. Peter McGrath
Sat 28/1/17 5:04pm
6795. Benice Richmond
Sat 28/1/17 4:20pm
6794. Teya Brooks Pribac
Sat 28/1/17 3:48pm
6793. Eleanor
Sat 28/1/17 9:42am
6792. Minna Petra
Fri 27/1/17 9:12pm
6791. jennifer rothwell
Tue 24/1/17 6:16am
Every life matters.
6790. Anonymous
Fri 20/1/17 5:15pm
6789. Nick Westley
Wed 18/1/17 12:36pm
This is totally unwarranted cruelty. Why on earth aren't the male chicks raised for chicken meat????
6788. Anonymous
Wed 18/1/17 10:04am
We have to do better than this!!
6787. Jodi Brown
Mon 16/1/17 8:19pm
This is barbaric and I can't believe it's legal. These are sentient beings! Please - we must make this practice illegal asap!!
6786. Lani Annesley
Sat 14/1/17 7:32pm
6785. Jesse Jason
Sat 14/1/17 3:27am
6784. Carolyn Serebreny
Fri 13/1/17 11:17pm
6783. Gabriela Bustamante
Fri 13/1/17 5:00pm
No more of this cruel nonsense!
6782. Ben
Thu 12/1/17 10:18pm
Another organization operating without ethical standards, backup by a system that fails to reinforce ethical values.
6781. Jon Green
Thu 12/1/17 10:07pm
Disgusting. I cannot see how this can be legal in Australia, a country that protects creatures like venomous snakes and professes to prosecute those who are cruel to animals.
6780. Stephen Howes
Thu 12/1/17 1:39pm
Simply awful.
6779. Tsering Dolma
Thu 12/1/17 11:39am
Heart wrenching, such unbelievable cruelty!!! How can we stoop so low as to treat these innocent chicks to such pain & suffering. So sad...😭😭😭
6778. Rose
Thu 12/1/17 6:55am
No in the cruelty to animals, it is not human!
6777. Vincent
Thu 12/1/17 3:20am
6776. Rosanna Jevon
Thu 12/1/17 12:41am
6775. Kersthin
Wed 11/1/17 11:05pm
6774. Drina Coles-Hills
Wed 11/1/17 10:43pm
6773. Norvell Bullock
Wed 11/1/17 10:07pm
6772. Lies De Flou
Wed 11/1/17 9:48pm
6771. Jennifer Girvin-Baker
Wed 11/1/17 9:59am
6770. Sheryl neufeld
Wed 11/1/17 9:26am
I am beyond words at the unfathomable evil this is this allowed....
6769. Marcus
Wed 11/1/17 8:20am
6768. Joanne parr
Wed 11/1/17 7:49am
Stop this barbaric cruelty...disgusts me that any human can do this...
6767. Ifrim Iulian
Wed 11/1/17 7:43am
cruelty and stupid
6766. Wendy Conlin
Wed 11/1/17 7:29am
How insane & inhumane is this practice ????
6765. Anonymous
Wed 11/1/17 6:36am
6764. Christina Peters
Wed 11/1/17 6:10am
6763. james johansen
Wed 11/1/17 6:10am
please stop
6762. nadine goemaere
Wed 11/1/17 5:55am
6761. chantal labreche
Wed 11/1/17 5:39am
6760. Marcela Hofflinger
Wed 11/1/17 5:13am
Firmar porque esto es horrible!!
6759. Catherine gaspard
Wed 11/1/17 5:09am
6758. Sarah
Wed 11/1/17 4:56am
6757. Nicolas Trudel
Wed 11/1/17 4:22am
This must stop right now! Horrible...
6756. Dennis Barbion
Wed 11/1/17 4:12am
6755. carol whitehead
Wed 11/1/17 3:54am
This is pure evil. Totally disgusted. This HAS to stop!!!
6754. Anonymous
Wed 11/1/17 2:45am
This is too horrible for words. Destroying chickens this way.
6753. Alessandro Allievi
Wed 11/1/17 1:35am
6752. Kelly Landreth
Wed 11/1/17 1:21am
Speciesism needs to end now! Go Vegan!
6751. Zana Ancerl
Mon 9/1/17 12:49am
sickening crime
6750. Anita clarke
Sun 8/1/17 4:04pm
6749. Marilyn Chernack
Sun 8/1/17 2:50pm
6748. Sharmaine Kiddy
Sun 8/1/17 5:20am
6747. Adam Kiddy
Sun 8/1/17 5:19am
6746. Anonymous
Tue 27/12/16 9:01pm
6745. Brenda Watts
Tue 27/12/16 8:28am
Incredibly inhumane & cruel as are so many practises on innocent living creatures all conducted knowingly under authorities noses who do nothing to demand better.
6744. Karen Miller
Fri 23/12/16 8:59am
Horrible. We need a substitute for eggs.
6743. Tessa Muscardin
Fri 23/12/16 12:20am
6742. Anonymous
Tue 20/12/16 3:39pm
6741. Margaret Mason
Mon 19/12/16 11:58am
It is vital that we begin taking measures to stop cruelty to all animals. How can we, as a human race, advance as emotionally intelligent beings if we look the other way when we see such vulgar brutality. What does this do to the people who have to work in these conditions? How does a man go home to his family with peace in his heart? How can our conscience allow this practice to continue?
6740. Ariella Brosan
Sat 17/12/16 5:57pm
I like chickens and I like eggs. I thought by free range for both was guilt free (as a meat eater). The horrific brutal truth of your treatment of little chicks male and female is beyond belief. How can you cause such pain and fear and brutality to a living feeling creature?? Please at least adopt technology to scan the sex of eggs. Please make your chicken areas free range. PLEASE!!!!
6739. Olivia
Thu 8/12/16 4:00pm
6738. Anonymous
Sun 4/12/16 7:25am
Anyone who has seen a bird emerge from an egg, having struggled to "pip" it, knows that the bird is a living being who values life. Bird farming is cruel, and anyone who eats of its products is Eating Cruelty.
6737. Stéphanie Coignard
Sat 3/12/16 6:27am
6736. cathy nolane
Fri 2/12/16 2:48am
6735. Christine hornecker
Fri 2/12/16 2:39am
Les humains sont des barbares ! Ils sont ignobles ! Stop à cette cruauté !!!!!!!!!
6734. Fiona
Mon 28/11/16 11:12am
6733. beclard
Sat 26/11/16 11:11am
6732. Anonymous
Thu 24/11/16 12:11pm
6731. Jacki Jacka
Thu 24/11/16 7:58am
The egg industry is a cruel industry and I am spreading the word.
6730. Anonymous
Tue 22/11/16 12:38pm
This cruel practice and other torture of food animals needs to stop!
6729. Anonymous
Tue 22/11/16 2:32am
6728. Stephany Rissato
Mon 21/11/16 11:55pm
6727. Angie Rhinier
Mon 21/11/16 10:27am
6726. Julie Botten
Mon 21/11/16 10:27am
6725. Marie-France TAILLEBOIS
Sun 20/11/16 8:07pm
6724. Janet Grevillea
Sun 20/11/16 12:01pm
I have been present when chicks were hatching beneath a broody hen in a free range backyard set-up. The chicks arrive already knowing how to walk, run, peck food. I could not imagine killing any of them, let alone macerating them.
6723. Lang
Sun 20/11/16 6:08am
6722. carcanague nadège
Sun 20/11/16 4:34am
6721. ALF ANY
Sun 20/11/16 2:17am
6720. joelle barrrier
Sun 20/11/16 1:53am
6719. Marie-Christiane DURAND
Sat 19/11/16 10:33pm
6718. dubun
Sat 19/11/16 10:23pm
6717. SEGAIN Françoise
Sat 19/11/16 9:47pm
6716. veronique bergeron
Sat 19/11/16 11:44am
6715. Anonymous
Sat 19/11/16 8:15am
6714. Guillemette Brin
Sat 19/11/16 7:54am
6713. Corinne martin
Sat 19/11/16 7:40am
6712. gustin
Sat 19/11/16 7:29am
6711. michel/bernadette charlier/gustin
Sat 19/11/16 7:07am
6710. Le ruyet
Sat 19/11/16 6:13am
6709. Laurence Violet
Sat 19/11/16 6:03am
6708. isabelle FERNANDES
Sat 19/11/16 5:56am
6707. keri
Fri 18/11/16 10:30pm
6706. sylvie taliercio
Fri 18/11/16 6:35am
6705. Martine Sulpice
Fri 18/11/16 6:34am
6704. Anna Trzebiatowska
Thu 17/11/16 6:55pm
6703. Anonymous
Thu 17/11/16 11:45am
6702. Kasia Kinsky
Thu 17/11/16 7:14am
This is unimaginable senseless cruelty inflicted on newborn birds, just because they are (male) chickens. I'm appalled.
6701. Anonymous
Thu 17/11/16 12:49am
6700. Mary Griva
Wed 16/11/16 7:45pm
6699. Tania Phillips
Wed 16/11/16 5:46pm
Please stop this unnecessary cruelty.
6698. Emma
Wed 16/11/16 5:20pm
This is just so wrong😔😡
6697. Anonymous
Wed 16/11/16 12:11pm
We are better than this. We all must do better. What we do to animals is simply wrong.
6696. Katrina Williams
Wed 16/11/16 11:10am
This is a cruel and barbaric kind to animals
6695. Rocio Gonzalez
Wed 16/11/16 7:39am
6694. Kirk P
Tue 15/11/16 8:46pm
6693. Anonymous
Mon 14/11/16 12:05pm
6692. Petra Jones
Mon 14/11/16 10:51am
6691. Anonymous
Sun 13/11/16 5:59am
6690. Linzi Wilkinson
Sat 12/11/16 7:11pm
6689. Anonymous
Fri 11/11/16 5:23pm
We live in a well educated, resourceful country where this shouldn't be happening - It's embarrassing for Australia! Animals do not deserve to be treated this way. Chickens and their products (along with all other animals) are a valuable food source for us humans, keeping us sustained and alive. Therefore, we as humans have a responsibility to provide them with a good home, to be nurtured and cared for.
6688. Andrea Utton
Wed 9/11/16 1:49am
For this extreme cruelty and the fact that an egg is an excretion (chicken period) are only 2 of the many reasons people need to stop eating eggs.
6687. Anonymous
Thu 3/11/16 6:09pm
Stop the mass killing of day-old male chicks
6686. danny
Wed 2/11/16 5:10am
6685. Georgina Topp
Tue 1/11/16 2:06am
This is totally unacceptable and cruel. It has to end.
6684. Tilly Wardale
Fri 28/10/16 11:14pm
6683. Gloria Tommy
Fri 28/10/16 10:47am
Please stop this unconscionable cruel slaughter of these poor defenceless animals!
Wed 26/10/16 5:22pm
6681. Sue Nightingale
Wed 26/10/16 1:07am
Please stop the mass killing of day old chicks - it is barbaric and inhumane! There must be a more humane way of dealing with this issue.
6680. Ava Hall
Sun 23/10/16 11:49pm
I can't comprehend the mind of a person who could cruelly treat any living animal. It must stop.
6679. Anna Burman
Sat 22/10/16 6:42pm
this is so cruel, just for us to bake a cake!! is very wrong.
Fri 21/10/16 7:47pm
What a cold hearted way to treat living creatures.
6677. marisol
Fri 21/10/16 6:15am
6676. Rachael
Fri 21/10/16 12:52am
Please stop this!
6675. Leanne Makarainen
Thu 20/10/16 8:26pm
6674. Anonymous
Wed 19/10/16 11:29pm
6673. tara
Tue 18/10/16 3:13pm
6672. Judith Goldberg
Sun 16/10/16 6:02pm
Leta avoid all suffering we can.
6671. Robin gillis
Sat 15/10/16 5:10pm
Absolutely cruel and barbaric. How any one can carry out such a horrific practice is unbelievable!! All animals feel pain and have feelings.
6670. Lu Ann Flechsig
Fri 14/10/16 11:11pm
6669. Anonymous
Fri 14/10/16 10:49pm
We can live happily and healthily without engaging in these practices.
Nothing makes these actions acceptable.
6668. Peter Morgan
Fri 14/10/16 7:05pm
Absolutely disgusting. I suppose throwing chook farmers and politicians into the choppers may have a positive
6667. lucy keith
Fri 14/10/16 5:26am
This is disgusting, innocent lives torture to death, This industry must Stop the mass killing of Baby chicks
6666. Jackie Coulter
Thu 13/10/16 8:21am
6665. Julijana Joseski
Wed 12/10/16 5:07pm
How is this legal what a disgrace! Put an end to this torture for those poor little chicks
6664. Alley Khatt
Tue 11/10/16 11:27pm
Spare male chicks this horror
6663. Joyce Kwok
Tue 11/10/16 10:56am
6662. Anonymous
Mon 10/10/16 5:17pm
I am horrified by the unspeakably cruel killing of day-old chicks. It is impossible to understand how there can be people in Australia, a "humane" and "caring" country, who can use these violent methods, and to do what is quite unnecessary.

We do not want violence and cruelty in our country, whether against people or creatures. These practices must come to an end without delay.
6661. Kerrie Smith
Mon 10/10/16 4:42pm
6660. helen humphrey
Mon 10/10/16 12:13pm
As consumers of eggs we expect the egg industry to do the right thing . Please act with integrity and do the right thing
6659. Lizette Watson
Sat 8/10/16 4:48pm
6658. judy croft
Sat 8/10/16 10:51am
Lets look at other ways of using the males and change the conditions that the females live in and alternatives for when they reach 18 months. The current practice is cruel and wasteful.
6657. Renata Bilkova
Sat 8/10/16 12:22am
Prosím zastavte toto hrozné zabíjanie
6656. Jasmine Reed
Fri 7/10/16 10:33pm
6655. Kathy Durant
Fri 7/10/16 9:13pm
Make this abhorrent cruelty illegal immediately!
6654. Anni Taylor
Fri 7/10/16 6:29pm
This is a shocking thing to do to newly hatched chicks and we will be judged harshly in a future time that we let this happen.
6653. cheryl
Fri 7/10/16 12:46pm
So sick of humans abusing and torturing animals. Our rapists, murderers and pedophiles get treated better than our animals that are breed for human consumption. Proud not to be a part of this inhumane torture!
6652. Mia james
Fri 7/10/16 5:44am
6651. Maive Durban
Fri 7/10/16 5:40am
6650. Anna & Terry Stewart
Fri 7/10/16 1:58am
Lets change the world with COMPASSION!
6649. Rachel Harris
Thu 6/10/16 9:26pm
6648. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 9:00pm
6647. Joseph Spiteri
Thu 6/10/16 8:39pm
I used to think the Romans were savage, barbaric and inhuman. I find it distressing to realise that in the 21st century, we still come a very close 2nd place. It's high time these barbaric practices are stopped.
6646. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 8:35pm
What a waste of a life! Poor chickens, it is inhumane and cruel! Imagine if we did this to babies, because we didn't get a certain gender?
6645. Noori Katt
Thu 6/10/16 8:30pm
6644. shwetha
Thu 6/10/16 7:57pm
6643. Natalie McIntosh
Thu 6/10/16 4:52pm
6642. Sarah Hopkins
Thu 6/10/16 3:37pm
6641. Astra Ross
Thu 6/10/16 2:27pm
If it does not take an animal rights activist to recognise that this is completely wrong but the people calling the shots do not - then we have a serious problem with today's society.
6640. Judi Withers
Thu 6/10/16 1:09pm
It's time we stop this animal torture today!
6639. Holly Edwards
Thu 6/10/16 11:37am
6638. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 10:47am
6637. Debbie Wales
Thu 6/10/16 9:23am
6636. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 9:14am
Please put an end to this brutal practice.
6635. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 8:54am
Please adopt this technology so these poor animals don't need to be killed in such a violent way.
6634. Bec Cogan
Thu 6/10/16 8:36am
It's just common sense...
6633. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 8:30am
6632. Diana Zadori
Thu 6/10/16 6:44am
Cruel&inhumane&disgusting&horrendous practice. Has to be stopped.
6631. Alan Kohn
Thu 6/10/16 5:45am
6630. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 3:57am
6629. Leah George
Thu 6/10/16 3:01am
Stop this horrendous cruelty!!!!
6628. Ilona Stepanova
Thu 6/10/16 2:12am
6627. Jasmin
Thu 6/10/16 1:48am
This definitely has to be stopped! Everybody would be shocked and outraged when this would be done to dogs or cats ... but it's not that tracig when this cruelty happens to chicken?!?! Chicken, one day old, without a possibility for the factory to profit ... only because they are males?! This is simply horrible. They are SHREDDED ALIVE!!!
6626. Anne
Thu 6/10/16 12:36am
Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
6625. Anonymous
Thu 6/10/16 12:34am
This needs to be stopped!
6624. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 11:52pm
6623. clare campbell
Wed 5/10/16 11:15pm
If the science is available for us to do better and eliminate suffering then why on earth would we not use it? I'd pay double for the privilege of eating eggs if I knew that mass slaughter was avoided.
6622. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 10:54pm
Stop, please stop.
6621. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 10:43pm
6620. Leonie Malton
Wed 5/10/16 10:23pm
6619. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 10:03pm
6618. Stephen Douglas
Wed 5/10/16 10:03pm
6617. Melinda
Wed 5/10/16 10:00pm
What a horrific way to die. Please end this cruelty :(
6616. Maria wallin
Wed 5/10/16 9:49pm
6615. Charles Budini
Wed 5/10/16 9:25pm
6614. Amber Hodgson
Wed 5/10/16 9:24pm
6613. Carmella Wilson
Wed 5/10/16 9:00pm
Please stop this disgusting cruelty immediately. Thankyou.
6612. Catherine Scanlon
Wed 5/10/16 8:57pm
6611. Jaimee
Wed 5/10/16 8:31pm
6610. Claudia
Wed 5/10/16 8:31pm
6609. Ash Cullen
Wed 5/10/16 8:25pm
No animal should be treated like this!
6608. Holly Walters
Wed 5/10/16 8:23pm
If there exists the technology to prevent the mass murder of sentient beings, then it is criminal and barbaric to not employ it.
6607. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 8:14pm
6606. Caitlin chippendale
Wed 5/10/16 8:12pm
6605. Genevieve Farrell
Wed 5/10/16 8:09pm
6604. Vikki bless
Wed 5/10/16 8:06pm
Animals should be treated no different to humans
6603. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 8:00pm
I had no idea about this. Absolutely horrific :(
6602. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 7:39pm
Wed 5/10/16 7:23pm
Please please stop this!!!!!!
6600. Debra Trimble
Wed 5/10/16 7:22pm
These chickens do not have to be killed at all please stop this cruelty it's gruesome! It's disgusting! You have the technology to sex the eggs please do it!
6599. Laura Newcombe
Wed 5/10/16 7:17pm
6598. Aaron Maxwell
Wed 5/10/16 7:01pm
6597. Simone
Wed 5/10/16 6:48pm
6596. Jess flavel
Wed 5/10/16 6:21pm
6595. Narina Wilson
Wed 5/10/16 6:18pm
6594. Jan
Wed 5/10/16 6:01pm
6593. Leanne Simpson
Wed 5/10/16 5:53pm
Please help me help these innocent lives
6592. Kathryn
Wed 5/10/16 5:37pm
6591. Cheryl Bennett
Wed 5/10/16 5:04pm
6590. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 4:58pm
6589. Alex Cloke
Wed 5/10/16 4:44pm
For the sake of cruelty free egg production and saving costs. Please opt to use the technology now available, that can guarantee 100% of eggs hatched will be female. No one likes cruelty, so if it can be avoided, it should be. Thank you.
6588. Michelle
Wed 5/10/16 4:01pm
6587. Keryn Yarnold
Wed 5/10/16 3:57pm
I cant believe this cruelty is legal. It needs to stop NOW
6586. Freya Simmons
Wed 5/10/16 3:47pm
6585. Meredith Foley
Wed 5/10/16 3:39pm
6584. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 3:34pm
6583. Desiree Hartt
Wed 5/10/16 3:05pm
Please fund the development and use of technology to prevent male chicks from being hatched. The world is changing and if animal cruelty is not stopped, the industries involved will fail due to the public refusing to be a part of it.
6582. Alexandra Bobes
Wed 5/10/16 3:02pm
6581. Chrissy
Wed 5/10/16 2:59pm
6580. Douglas Bell
Wed 5/10/16 2:54pm
Reducing cruelty, raising ethically, I am buying the alternatives.
6579. Heleen Hoek
Wed 5/10/16 2:50pm
6578. Jenni Porter
Wed 5/10/16 2:47pm
6577. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 2:24pm
6576. Anonymous
Wed 5/10/16 1:50pm
The science to determine the sex of the chick is here. Impliment it now!!
6575. Leonard Hall
Wed 5/10/16 1:22pm
Let us avoid this evil business by using modern technology before the egg is hatched to remove the male chicks.
6574. Tracy Shelton
Wed 5/10/16 1:08pm
6573. Nerida
Wed 5/10/16 1:06pm
6572. Denise
Wed 5/10/16 1:01pm
6571. Philyn tan
Wed 5/10/16 12:53pm
Stop this cruelty.
6570. Julie Jackson
Wed 5/10/16 12:52pm
6569. Kay
Wed 5/10/16 12:28pm
This devastating in humane practice has to end.
6568. scott guhlstorf
Wed 5/10/16 12:28pm
This should never be allowed.. Get the fucking new technology egg industry you sick bastards!
6567. Kelly McBride
Wed 5/10/16 12:05pm
6566. Rebekah
Wed 5/10/16 12:03pm
6565. Anne
Wed 5/10/16 11:56am
If there is an alternative to killing, why not?
6564. Rachel
Wed 5/10/16 11:54am
Lets be real humans soon - lets be nice, lets been kind, lets be respectful.
6563. Peter
Wed 5/10/16 11:44am
Beyond disgusting. This needs to change YESTERDAY!!!
Wed 5/10/16 12:47am
6561. Anonymous
Tue 4/10/16 7:38pm
I don't understand the logic of this abhorrent cruelty that is Legal? The egg industry need to be held accountable for this.
6560. Anonymous
Tue 4/10/16 6:45pm
6559. Anonymous
Tue 4/10/16 5:22pm
Please stop.
6558. Anonymous
Tue 4/10/16 3:24pm
i am appalled that this abhorrent practice exists at could this happen without authorities shutting down the system and charging the perpetrators with animal cruelty. Every living thing feels pain. I will never eat another egg again until this practice is outlawed and stopped completely
6557. Yvonne Collins
Tue 4/10/16 2:13pm
This is so appallingly cruel! Who was the very first despicable man to say "I've got a great idea...lets grate up live chicks." ? May he rot in Hell.
6556. g h
Tue 4/10/16 10:56am
KEEP your Sick Cruel Torturer we want NO PART of it
6555. Helle Charlotte Pedersen
Tue 4/10/16 10:27am
6554. Ellen McConnell
Tue 4/10/16 6:02am
6553. Chloe Mc
Mon 3/10/16 11:33pm
6552. Sharon Way
Mon 3/10/16 9:44pm
6551. Mihaela Georgescu
Mon 3/10/16 5:26pm
6550. Kraig and Valerie Schweiss
Mon 3/10/16 7:35am
This is UNCONSCIONABLE and BARBARIC ABUSE that must be STOPPED NOW! Just because the chicks are males doesn't mean that they are not valuable, nor does it mean that females should be killed after just 18 months of living in filth and cramped spaces. There must be another much less disgusting and sadistic way of dealing with such depraved slaughter of innocent chickens. Until you decide to do the RIGHT THING and give them space and cleanliness and a lives without violent ends, we will NOT be buying your eggs and we will tell our friends and families to STOP buying your products!
6549. John Marsh
Mon 3/10/16 3:22am
6548. paivi tiittula
Mon 3/10/16 3:21am
What waste! Something wrong with this.
6547. Elizabeth Middleton
Sun 2/10/16 5:58pm
It is unbelievable that any industry could be so shockingly cruel. How can you sleep at night????

Please stop the mass killing of day old male chicks who can suffer pain, stress and fear.
6546. Natasha
Sun 2/10/16 2:21pm
Please stop this unacceptable practice.
6545. Stacey Palmer
Sun 2/10/16 2:02pm
6544. Warren Bishop
Sun 2/10/16 12:14pm
This is a cruel and inhumane practice and it needs to stop
6543. Pearl Moyseyenko
Sun 2/10/16 9:58am
6542. Janet Grunke
Sun 2/10/16 8:07am
6541. k siles
Sun 2/10/16 6:46am
How dare they make my family apart of this after having a family meeting showing this clip they all have decided not to buy any eggs now on some totally looking at alternatives others buying a couple of new pets chickens how dare the food industry put us or make us involved in this crap
6540. Canan Tzelil
Sun 2/10/16 12:29am
6539. Wendy Dillon
Sat 1/10/16 4:21pm
Absolutely unacceptable!
6538. Jaci Linnett
Sat 1/10/16 3:01pm
Chopping up live animals, de-beaking,~this cruelty is horrifying and totally unacceptable. Disgusted people do this .
6537. Anonymous
Sat 1/10/16 10:39am
6536. Mary Ann Barrett
Sat 1/10/16 6:56am
6535. Susan Lindsay
Fri 30/9/16 9:08pm
I shudder to think what kind of a human being came up to this "solution" to the "problem" of too many baby chicks!!! I am horrified in the extreme by this revelation, it is comparable to the barbarism that was witnessed in WW2!
6534. Monika Koestler
Fri 30/9/16 8:56pm
6533. Sharon Yarwood
Fri 30/9/16 8:21pm
I cannot comprehend how we as the supposed 'superior' species can be so disgustingly cruel to almost every other animal that shares this planet with us? It makes me so angry. This is absolutely sickening.
6532. Daphne Groothuijse
Fri 30/9/16 8:07pm
6531. Sue
Fri 30/9/16 6:51pm
This is abhorrent and it must end immediately.
6530. Kerry Frances
Fri 30/9/16 5:05pm
How humans can be so cruel is beyond me :(
6529. Jo Walker
Fri 30/9/16 4:07pm
Now that I know what these poor chicks go through I will never buy eggs until they stop this cruel, disgusting practice.
6528. Gail Melham
Fri 30/9/16 3:57pm
I will not be buying eggs again - what sort of people are they??? I will start keeping my own hens - at least they will be spared from this vile procedure - unbelievable!!!
6527. Anonymous
Fri 30/9/16 2:07pm
6526. Gina Felicetta
Fri 30/9/16 12:44pm
6525. Patricia Smalls
Fri 30/9/16 12:24pm
6524. Anonymous
Fri 30/9/16 8:44am
Please we need to stop this cruelty!
6523. Paul Phillips
Fri 30/9/16 7:27am
How can humans do this to defenceless animals? Please stop it.
6522. Joanna Dunne
Fri 30/9/16 7:14am
6521. Kylie Jones
Fri 30/9/16 6:02am
6520. Marco Baracca
Thu 29/9/16 10:34pm
6519. Ginger Hill
Thu 29/9/16 9:41pm
Wow. Killing babies???
6518. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 8:08pm
Cruelty to animals in today's society is totally unacceptable. Humane ways of dealing with the processing of animals needs to be implemented immediately.
6517. Anny Eeltink
Thu 29/9/16 7:43pm
6516. Danny Bakker
Thu 29/9/16 7:42pm
6515. Marian Eeltink
Thu 29/9/16 7:42pm
6514. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 5:26pm
6513. Marisa Besteiro
Thu 29/9/16 4:23pm
Let's show kindness and compassion and in the end just do what is right.
6512. John Mancy
Thu 29/9/16 4:21pm
6511. Maria Vitória Magri
Thu 29/9/16 2:31pm
6510. Kali Zabracadbra
Thu 29/9/16 1:10pm
this brought me to tears, what an utterly disgusting cruel inhumane barbaric act, I cant believe this is legal and happening in 2016, please STOP this now! what will it take to open your eyes? $$ & greed, so sad....
6509. Jennifer Walker
Thu 29/9/16 12:42pm
6508. I.Zomer
Thu 29/9/16 12:42pm
6507. Dagmar L. Anders
Thu 29/9/16 7:38am
6506. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 7:18am
6505. jillian shannon
Thu 29/9/16 4:59am
Sick Sick Sick
6504. janice shannon
Thu 29/9/16 4:57am
I can't say what I really think...........
6503. Karina Matulevicius
Thu 29/9/16 3:40am
6502. Satu Virtanen
Thu 29/9/16 2:22am
6501. Sharon Zigomanis
Thu 29/9/16 2:05am
6500. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:52am
Sick and revolting practice! No excuse in this day and age!
6499. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:43am
please save these cute little fluffy chickies, I don't want them to get hurt, I want them to live and be cuddled and be happy!
6498. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:41am
keep it up all of us to stand up for these voiceless beings, they so need our support, let's never stop! Justice and honesty, respect and kindness, love and care will prevail!
6497. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:39am
I feel so helpless, tiny, powerless in this, why can the people in power not find it in their hearts that this is SO wrong?!
6496. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:37am
makes me sick!
6495. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:36am
more than gruelling! How can they?!
6494. Anonymous
Thu 29/9/16 12:34am
I have no words...what is this world DOING??!!
6493. Anna
Thu 29/9/16 12:27am
6492. Teresa Walpole
Wed 28/9/16 10:22pm
This is a disgusting and cruel thing being done to these little chicks. Please stop this now.
6491. Doreen Hardy
Wed 28/9/16 9:34pm
When I see graphic evidence like the mass killing of day old male chicks, you wonder how low we humans can sink to make the almighty dollar. Excuses for the people who own and work in these slaughter houses are, they need to work to feed their families. Why cant Australia make it mandatory, to test the eggs so male chicks are not born and end their little lives in aa GRINDER.
6490. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 9:33pm
6489. Adam East
Wed 28/9/16 9:25pm
6488. Margareta Car
Wed 28/9/16 9:04pm
6487. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 8:46pm
can't find words for these terrible crimes, shame on them
6486. Angela Nilsen
Wed 28/9/16 8:39pm
Glad we have our own backyard chooks that can live for as long as they manage too and have a good life.
6485. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 8:17pm
Please rethink the slaughter of male chicks and invest in scientific methods for determining their sex so this doesnt happen
6484. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 8:15pm
6483. Elisabeth Pellicaan
Wed 28/9/16 7:48pm
Sadly, because I don't actually have a problem eating eggs from a diet perspective, whichever way you look at it, seems in the end the only way to stop the cruelty is to stop eating eggs.
6482. Sheila Clarke
Wed 28/9/16 7:42pm
This is disgusting.
6481. Sausage Dog
Wed 28/9/16 7:22pm
Really? As human beings we cant find a better way? STOP IT NOW!
6480. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 6:55pm
Please stop the mass killing of day-old male chicks. It is disgusting and foul. Surely we are a first world country which has technological advances that can prevent this from happening. I have chickens and I can tell you that they do get scared and stressed and this is a cruel practice that needs to stop.
6479. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 6:31pm
6478. Gerard Traub
Wed 28/9/16 6:07pm
6477. Julie Davies
Wed 28/9/16 5:48pm
This is just horrifying and breaks my heart - it's shameful that as a society this is how we treat innocent animals.
6476. Lyndel Byrne
Wed 28/9/16 4:14pm
6475. Ella
Wed 28/9/16 3:12pm
6474. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 1:17pm
6473. John B. Anderson
Wed 28/9/16 12:03pm
Horrified. How can this be allowed to happen??? Perhaps we are not a civilised country.
6472. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 11:41am
I've never heard of such cruelty in my life . The people responssible for this cruel act sshould be ashamed of themselves . I'd like to see them on the conveyor instead of the chicks .
6471. Sandra Mills
Wed 28/9/16 10:16am
Please stop this happening again, these little chicks are alive & feel the blades going through their little body.
6470. Anonymous
Wed 28/9/16 10:03am
6469. Lyn Snowdon
Wed 28/9/16 8:53am
This is so horrific. We can prevent this cruelty happening. Please help. I can't bear this suffering to innocent creatures.
6468. sue schümmer
Wed 28/9/16 8:14am
6467. Mónica Geraldo
Wed 28/9/16 7:43am
6466. Paola Moretti
Wed 28/9/16 7:27am
6465. gail coates
Wed 28/9/16 7:16am
Stop this now. Pathetic and evil.
6464. Rene Batchelor
Wed 28/9/16 6:59am
Wakeup humans!
6463. Malerie Wirey
Wed 28/9/16 6:18am
This activity goes beyond barbaric! It is evil and absolutely sickening to even realize that this still goes on! The fear and pain that these babies experience is nothing but evil and unforgiving.
6462. Simone Maes
Wed 28/9/16 5:07am
6461. Diane Prowse
Wed 28/9/16 4:49am
If technology exists to determine the sex of the chick before it hatches, then this must be implemented not now, but right now. This murder and mayhem in the food industry must stop! I tell you I think I must turn vegan immediately the more I read, the more I'm turned off of the food industry. BUT vegan isn't all it would appear either - with all food GMO, sprayed, pesticides, and what have you.
6460. Miriam K.
Wed 28/9/16 4:14am
6459. Françoise ETOURNEAUD
Wed 28/9/16 4:04am
6458. Patricia Wood
Wed 28/9/16 3:51am
6457. Theresa McKay
Wed 28/9/16 3:29am
Please stop this cruelty now!!!!!!
6456. Jennifer H MacDonald
Wed 28/9/16 2:46am
I actually have eliminated eggs from my family diet altogether. There is no room in my household for this kind of violence. But I can't make everyone stop eating eggs so the least I can do in that regard is demand that others do whatever they can to remove the violence in the food industry.
6455. Antoinette Gonzales
Wed 28/9/16 2:29am
6454. Kasia Richer-Juraszek
Wed 28/9/16 2:28am
it's so barbaric I can't even find the words to express my anger and disgust
the way we treat animals reflects our morals and values as humans, which seem to be solely driven by greed
6453. Tom Tamplin
Wed 28/9/16 1:46am
6452. Robert Serpchich
Wed 28/9/16 12:54am
This is just appalling to say the least, how can we as humans do this to defenseless little baby chickens.
Just shows how pathetic this world we live in really is, all about profit and money.
The companies who commit these cruel acts should be locked up for life.
Its about time we the people of this world put an end this and all forms of cruelty to poor defenseless animals.
6451. Elizabeth Brown
Tue 27/9/16 10:47pm
6450. Adalita Srsen
Tue 27/9/16 10:22pm
Please end the killing of day old male chicks now and forever. This is not what humans are about. We must protect the vulnerable members of our society, whether they be animal or human. This is not acceptable in any way.
6449. Paulina Roxo
Tue 27/9/16 9:35pm
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put an end to this savagery. Animals have hearts too, regardless of their size or shape!
6448. Martha Brawley
Tue 27/9/16 9:12pm
Stop this mind boggling horror on Gods' tiny creations!!!!
6447. Neville Bruce
Tue 27/9/16 9:06pm
6446. Lisa
Tue 27/9/16 8:58pm
Please stop killing chicks in this awful way. There must be a way around it! Such cruelty is not acceptable.
6445. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 8:55pm
With great power comes great responsibility. When we have the technology to avoid this kind of brutality, we ought to have a conscience. Please stop this atrocious practice.
6444. Petra
Tue 27/9/16 8:39pm
This is disgusting. Us as humans have the ability to make the world a better place. We have the brain power and technology to prevent such horrible acts and yet we don't !!! WHY ??!!
6443. Lyn
Tue 27/9/16 8:32pm
Please stop these disgusting, cruel and inhumane practices.
6442. Deborah Walker
Tue 27/9/16 8:26pm
I can't believe they doing this?!?
6441. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 8:20pm
Stop the mass killing of day-old chicks please - this is a very cruel and unnecessary practice!
6440. Rose Vera
Tue 27/9/16 8:11pm
6439. Chris Samouelles
Tue 27/9/16 7:43pm
6438. Jade Hibberd
Tue 27/9/16 7:41pm
6437. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 7:10pm
Now that we know what happens it would be immoral NOT to support this.
6436. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 6:52pm
6435. misa y
Tue 27/9/16 6:43pm
6434. maria teresa mendes
Tue 27/9/16 6:32pm
6433. Letitia Ellis
Tue 27/9/16 6:10pm
I don't like this happening
6432. Sean Corrigan
Tue 27/9/16 6:06pm
6431. Kate
Tue 27/9/16 6:02pm
6430. Elisabeth
Tue 27/9/16 6:02pm
Dear all, please stop this brutal and unnecessary killing. Thank you!
6429. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 5:57pm
The legality to maceration and gassing of ale chicks should be stopped. We can do better and there is a way out there to stop this cruelty to the chickens.
6428. Rik Mick
Tue 27/9/16 5:54pm
6427. Michael Ayling
Tue 27/9/16 5:35pm
This should be viewed by every consumer of poultry/egg products - what does one's conscience dictate ?
6426. Lotta Nygård Mattsson
Tue 27/9/16 5:30pm
6425. Amanda London
Tue 27/9/16 5:22pm
This is shocking cruelty to such fragile creatures, particular given that their species provides food for people in our society! Please stop macerating chicks!
6424. Alan wilkinson
Tue 27/9/16 5:18pm
6423. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 4:48pm
6422. Bridget Scott
Tue 27/9/16 4:33pm
6421. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 4:25pm
I'm totally appalled at seeing the short movie about the even shorter lives of young male chicks. As much as like to eat eggs and chicken products (though only purchase free range, and have done so for many years), I was aghast to find out the dilemma of such a horrendous act of mankind.
Please help stop this procedure. Surely there are alternatives.
6420. Ricki Newman
Tue 27/9/16 4:12pm
6419. Kristy Gay
Tue 27/9/16 4:09pm
6418. Tracy Wilson
Tue 27/9/16 4:02pm
There is NO reason for this, how it can be happening is just beyond me.
6417. Janine Vinton
Tue 27/9/16 3:55pm
6416. Suzanne Faull
Tue 27/9/16 3:49pm
How can this be legal? Where is the RSPCA in all of this?! It's horrific! It has to STOP! I'm lookjng elsewhere for eggs.
6415. Adrienne Rowell
Tue 27/9/16 3:13pm
6414. Carol Nunn
Tue 27/9/16 3:04pm
If we have the technology to stop the mass killing of day old chicks it should be mandatory to use it. The mass killing of day old male chicks must stop, along with the painful debeaking of female chicks. This is just not humane.
6413. Kiara Pearce
Tue 27/9/16 3:00pm
6412. Linda Taylor
Tue 27/9/16 2:59pm
No more commercial eggs for me or my family
6411. Marta Sanchez
Tue 27/9/16 2:22pm
6410. Rhiannon Jones
Tue 27/9/16 1:56pm
6409. Gregory Stanyer
Tue 27/9/16 1:38pm
6408. tamara mccready
Tue 27/9/16 1:34pm
6407. will deness
Tue 27/9/16 1:33pm
6406. Jane Alger
Tue 27/9/16 1:20pm
This senseless slaughter of male chicks must not be allowed to continue. It is disgusting and Australian egg
need to stop this practice now.
6405. Amey Blaber
Tue 27/9/16 1:13pm
6404. Clive Bird
Tue 27/9/16 1:13pm
6403. corine cathala
Tue 27/9/16 1:11pm
6402. Donna Bugden
Tue 27/9/16 1:11pm
Stop the mass killing of day old male chicks - this is intolerable cruelty by the Australian Egg Industry.
6401. Angela Grammatico
Tue 27/9/16 1:11pm
6400. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 1:03pm
please urgently end the mass killing of day old male chicks.
6399. Phyllis A. Gladden
Tue 27/9/16 12:51pm
6398. Erica
Tue 27/9/16 12:48pm
How can this be happening? How could any human being stand by and set the machines in motion to gas and slash young male chicks to death in a most brutal and cruel way? How could the Australian egg industry think that this is acceptable? This is horrendous. It exposes a sinister cruelty which represents an industry which is based on deceit with an attitude of shocking indifference to the unbelievable suffering and destruction of millions of innocent chicks on their first day of life. Absolutely disgusting! This has to stop. Better still, everyone should stop eating eggs altogether until this callous and heartless slaughter stops forever.
6397. Wanda Grabowski
Tue 27/9/16 12:44pm
It makes sense to use technology to make all lives better including male chicks that are killed in such a brutal fashion. It is a moral and ethical obligation to do so.
6396. James H. Fitch
Tue 27/9/16 12:18pm
6395. Sally
Tue 27/9/16 12:16pm
Disgusting!!!! sickening, makes me ashamed to be human. Please stop this horrific practice
6394. Tracey Stewart
Tue 27/9/16 12:14pm
There is no need for this barbarity. It is hard to comprehend that humans can actually think about something as abhorrent as this, much less carry it out. Pls use the technology that is readily available, and find out the sex of the animal prior to it being "born" rather than putting a live animal through a mincer.
6393. Karen Le Roy
Tue 27/9/16 11:55am
Heartbreakingly cruel and completely unnecessary. Please put an end to the sickening slaughter of live chicks.
6392. Vanessa Jamison
Tue 27/9/16 11:50am
6391. Lesley Edwards
Tue 27/9/16 11:42am
6390. Yvonne Dowding
Tue 27/9/16 11:26am
I'm utterly shocked and sickened to think that anyone could dispose of unwanted chicks in this totally disgustingly cruel manner. This must stop NOW
Tue 27/9/16 11:20am
I wonder if the employees and the Governing bodies would line up and endure the same sickening, grotesque fate as these beautiful, innocent chicks are made to do! I'm absolutely appalled!
6388. Gabrielle Byrne
Tue 27/9/16 11:19am
I am horrified!
6387. Jennifer Ringsell
Tue 27/9/16 11:03am
Shame, shame, SHAME on Australia and it's egg industry. A sick, horrifying and disgustingly cruel way to treat any living feeling creature. Anyone treating a pet in this manner would be treated as a criminal and taken to court, fined and possibly imprisoned, and so they should! Urgent action required to update the egg industry without delay, the public would not tolerate this cruelty if they were better informed as to how the industry operated.
6386. Anna Sri
Tue 27/9/16 11:01am
6385. Lorraine Griffiths
Tue 27/9/16 10:59am
Now that the technology is available it should be made compulsory to be used by farmers along with humane free range farming of chickens. Egg prices will go up as they should and food may become less readily wasted. appreciated..
6384. Niamh Tynan
Tue 27/9/16 10:58am
6383. Phil Fitzgerald
Tue 27/9/16 10:50am
Please stop this cruel practice.
6382. Lela M. Jameson
Tue 27/9/16 10:48am
This is a horrible, horrible practice and it must be stopped immediately.
6381. Christeen Anderson
Tue 27/9/16 10:46am
6380. Nicole Loh
Tue 27/9/16 10:45am
6379. Mari Dominguez
Tue 27/9/16 10:43am
6378. Kay Labo
Tue 27/9/16 10:32am
Too cruel!!!!
6377. Ingrid Kotka
Tue 27/9/16 10:31am
6376. Corinne Amendolia
Tue 27/9/16 10:28am
Horrifying and sickening. This has to stop.
6375. David Taylor
Tue 27/9/16 10:22am
6374. Tom Smallman
Tue 27/9/16 10:10am
6373. Clare and Doug Gallagher
Tue 27/9/16 10:07am
Surely with the science available to us male chicks in the egg can be prevented from hatching in the first place
6372. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 10:01am
No more eggs for men until the technology is implemented.
6371. Ana barnjak
Tue 27/9/16 10:01am
6370. Leila
Tue 27/9/16 9:52am
6369. Peter Berbee
Tue 27/9/16 9:41am
6368. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 9:36am
6367. Cherri
Tue 27/9/16 9:17am
Pls have some conscience. STOP THE CRUELTY!!!
6366. Susan Fanning
Tue 27/9/16 9:11am
This is horrible. This needs to end now.
6365. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 9:04am
stop this senseless cruelty
6364. Wal Lloyd
Tue 27/9/16 9:04am
6363. Rachel Cousins
Tue 27/9/16 9:03am
This is beyond disturbing and humanity should be ashamed of itself for inflicting such cruelty on defenceless animals.
6362. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 8:51am
6361. Rose
Tue 27/9/16 8:51am
This is not right, what goes around will come around to you.
6360. Diane Davies
Tue 27/9/16 8:49am
6359. Helen Drinoczky
Tue 27/9/16 8:48am
There is technology readily available to screen the sex of eggs now. Every company has an economical way to use it. Governments need to step up and change laws to ban cruel chick shredding to stop its use.
There is no excuse for animal cruelty.(I could not watch the video. The thought of the horrific treatment of tiny chicks is upsetting.) This has to be stopped. Now.
6358. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 8:48am
6357. Jill Heydon
Tue 27/9/16 8:41am
6356. Simon
Tue 27/9/16 8:37am
I can't even watch the video, I will be looking to source my eggs from a local farm from now on, one where I can be 100% certain that chicks are not minced alive?! I never knew that this was a thing. I am definitely not a vegetarian but I believe that animals should be treated humanely in life and death, it disgusts me that this could be legal.
6355. Natalie Van Leekwijck
Tue 27/9/16 8:31am
6354. George Enderlin
Tue 27/9/16 8:25am
Stop this inhumane, cruel and unnecessary practice NOW! We have the technology and the egg industry should be using it! Politicians stop legalising animal cruelty.
6353. Kerry Gray
Tue 27/9/16 8:24am
6352. Sue Enderlin
Tue 27/9/16 8:18am
We strongly condemn this cruel and barbaric practice and demand the Government takes action IMMEDIATELY to protect these poor animals.
6351. Trudy McRobert
Tue 27/9/16 8:18am
Stop this barbaric practice I implore you, please. Use technology not death...
6350. Helen Williams
Tue 27/9/16 8:16am
The truth about how eggs and other animal products are produced should be put on packets of eggs and all animal products with pictures so that consumers are aware of the reality not pictures of happy chickens and cows they at not happy!!! This is disgusting and needs to be stopped.
6349. Ginger Geronimo
Tue 27/9/16 8:04am
6348. Steve Carter
Tue 27/9/16 8:03am
6347. Sally Topalovic
Tue 27/9/16 7:59am
Disgusting. Wish we could all just keep and care for our own chickens and only use the eggs they give to us. Hate the commercial farming industry and how there is no value placed upon the lives of animals, they are just used for their sellable products.
6346. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 7:54am
6345. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 7:48am
6344. Simon Draper
Tue 27/9/16 7:47am
6343. Ana Fontan
Tue 27/9/16 7:47am
Animal cruelty, in any forms it may take, and exploitation of defenceless creatures, should be criminalized. Promoting compassion, care and support for all animals, should be encouraged instead!!!
6342. emilia
Tue 27/9/16 7:44am
This is appalling. This never would have happed 100 years ago or ever before mankind got greedy.
Stop this cruelty NOW!
6341. Genevieve Lore Finn Unicorn
Tue 27/9/16 7:43am
I love you chicks
6340. Terri Taylor
Tue 27/9/16 7:37am
6339. Sarah Manning
Tue 27/9/16 7:32am
This is sickening , needless brutality that has a solution through technology . Knowledge is power , the public are informed and we will continue to speak up until the egg industry takes res734306543ponsibility for this mess you have made .
6338. Deborah Byrne
Tue 27/9/16 7:29am
6337. Joan Harvey
Tue 27/9/16 7:27am
This dreadful cruelty should not be allowed to continue, it is totally inexcusable and heartbreaking. please put a stop to it now.
6336. georgina zarinana
Tue 27/9/16 7:26am
6335. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 7:25am
we would all pay more to be humane...this is sick what they do
6334. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 7:10am
6333. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 6:57am
You can KEEP Your Sick Cruel Torturer I want NO Part of it
6332. isabel jaime tamayo
Tue 27/9/16 6:44am
6331. Dominique LANG
Tue 27/9/16 6:44am
6330. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 6:38am
I am appalled and deeply saddened that I live in a so called humane world where such disregard for a living creature can exist.
6329. Mrs M R Pearce
Tue 27/9/16 6:35am
6328. D.G. Sifuentes
Tue 27/9/16 6:30am
This is beyond disgusting and barbaric. I have quit eating eggs and any products that contain eggs.
6327. Magdalena Szaszorowska
Tue 27/9/16 6:24am
6326. Angela Thompson
Tue 27/9/16 6:24am
Please lets use technology to stop this barbaric practice. Move forward with kindness PLEASE!!!!
6325. tony ryan
Tue 27/9/16 6:19am
please stop this barbaric cruelty
6324. Nadine Larsen
Tue 27/9/16 6:18am
6323. Tracy Light
Tue 27/9/16 6:17am
Stop the torture and killing of these babies..!
6322. Dennis Fajans
Tue 27/9/16 6:17am
6321. mesut subasi
Tue 27/9/16 5:57am
6320. Andrea Finnegan
Tue 27/9/16 5:53am
6319. Ariz
Tue 27/9/16 5:51am
6318. Gillian Bisiker
Tue 27/9/16 5:47am
6317. Raymond Bisiker
Tue 27/9/16 5:45am
6316. Patricia Rymer
Tue 27/9/16 5:43am
We must join hands to together stop this cruel practice.
We can do it if we stand as One to teach humans and corporations to respect animals and avoid this inhumane disgusting practices.
6315. Adrian Shiva
Tue 27/9/16 5:15am
6314. Phillip Anderton
Tue 27/9/16 5:13am
6313. Sue Bendel
Tue 27/9/16 5:13am
I feel disgusted and ashamed to be part of a human race that can treat one day old chicks so I humanely. No wonder I became vegan several years ago.
6312. Gita Barbezat
Tue 27/9/16 5:11am
6311. Roxana Moya
Tue 27/9/16 5:03am
Es cruel e inhumano lo que hacen! Busquen otra,solución para los pollitos machos! Dios nos dio la inteligencia para eso: pensar!!
6310. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 4:56am
6309. Carole Moorhouse
Tue 27/9/16 4:32am
6308. Doris Potter
Tue 27/9/16 4:09am
6307. Hasini Dassanayake
Tue 27/9/16 4:02am
6306. Karen White
Tue 27/9/16 3:47am
This is absolutely barbaric and shame on those who allow this cruelty to happen to these helpless creatures
6305. Jane McCulloch
Tue 27/9/16 3:45am
This heinously cruel practice of killing baby male chicks has to be stopped!!!!
6304. Sylvia Robins
Tue 27/9/16 3:41am
It is so cruel! it belongs in the dark ages
6303. Laura Hassin
Tue 27/9/16 3:32am
6302. Edith Ogella
Tue 27/9/16 3:28am
so sad
6301. Sabina W.
Tue 27/9/16 3:14am
Until those responsible for egg production adopt the ALREADY AVAILABLE technology to determine sex in the egg eliminating the need to kill chicks, I won't be buying any more eggs.
6300. Vicky Moraiti
Tue 27/9/16 3:05am
6299. louis Gauci
Tue 27/9/16 2:57am
6298. catherine carré
Tue 27/9/16 2:57am
6297. vilma
Tue 27/9/16 2:45am
Discusting :'(
6296. Karen Halbisen
Tue 27/9/16 2:42am
I don't care how small the creature being destroyed--it is still a living beautiful creature who feels pain and is intelligent enough to feel fear and horrific pain! Mankind is supposed to be wiser and intelligent in its care of animals, birds, all creatures. But we prove ourselves failures with these kind of practices on animals and birds, all mammals!! This needs to stop it is mindless infliction of suffering on innocent birds!!!
6295. Carlene Visperas
Tue 27/9/16 2:36am
6294. Jo Ardell
Tue 27/9/16 2:23am
Somethings, that are so blatantly cruel, and shameful, as this, should Not be 'legal'. There is absolutely No Justice or Mercy in subjecting poor little baby chicks to being ground up ALIVE, and this Deplorable Cruelty, Must End, Immediately! Shame on those who commit a Crime such as this! It is Animal Cruelty at its worst! The perpetrators of this cruelty Must be charged and prosecuted for Animal Torture! Please Have Mercy, For These Poor Little Helpless Baby Chicks!
6293. Luzie Blechner
Tue 27/9/16 2:18am
How dare you? How can you even sleep at night? What breed of monster are you?
6292. Claire Varin
Tue 27/9/16 2:15am
Tue 27/9/16 2:12am
Why don't we shred them instead
Tue 27/9/16 1:57am
6289. Milene Johnson
Tue 27/9/16 1:50am
This is horrible you must stop this !!
6288. Debra Urda
Tue 27/9/16 1:50am
OMG just sick you are, karma is great. Godspeed to the chicks
6287. Melissa Warfield
Tue 27/9/16 1:46am
Please stop this heinous act of cruelty. These baby chicks have feelings just like us. I am very happy that this is being brought out in the open for all people to see. Please stop destroying the baby chicks lives. Thank you.
6286. John Orfanou
Tue 27/9/16 1:40am
Stop this indescribable cruelty now.
6285. Andrea Phillips
Tue 27/9/16 1:32am
6284. Scott Valenti
Tue 27/9/16 1:25am
Too upsetting to even think about.
6283. Arturo
Tue 27/9/16 1:25am
6282. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 1:25am
6281. David Tomkins
Tue 27/9/16 1:20am
6280. Carolina Cox
Tue 27/9/16 1:20am
6279. Michael Henderson
Tue 27/9/16 1:15am
Absolutely pathetic! Some corporations will do anything for profits
6278. Dr. Douglas E. Johnston, Jr.
Tue 27/9/16 1:08am
6277. Elyssa Kowalinski
Tue 27/9/16 1:05am
6276. Robert Wiehemeijer
Tue 27/9/16 1:00am
6275. Jean
Tue 27/9/16 12:56am
It is unconscionable that in the 21st century, humans are still inflicting horrendous suffering upon helpless chicks via machines that cut them to pieces!! This is a nightmare for chicks which must end NOW!
6274. tony moore
Tue 27/9/16 12:54am
6273. Sandra Paterson
Tue 27/9/16 12:53am
This is the one of the cruellest outrages against tiny and defenceless sentient beings....had the Australian public known sooner, a ban would be on all eggs. Use the technology available to pre-determine the chicks sex. I can't believe how inhumane the egg industry is, no more eggs for me.
6272. lynne stokes
Tue 27/9/16 12:53am
6271. Roger Brenton
Tue 27/9/16 12:45am
There are no words to adequately describe man's callousness towards defenceless animals.
6270. Suzanne Hamer
Tue 27/9/16 12:41am
6269. Bruce Forster
Tue 27/9/16 12:29am
6268. Anonymous
Tue 27/9/16 12:27am
What an utterly disgusting thing to do. How much lower can 'human' beings get.
6267. Milva DeLuca
Tue 27/9/16 12:26am
6266. marylen kincer
Tue 27/9/16 12:25am
these chicks need protection they want to live...STOP being cruel and mean and abusive to animals !!
6265. Gilly Lloyd
Tue 27/9/16 12:22am
6264. Janet Bernasconi
Tue 27/9/16 12:19am
Why are people so heartless towards God's magnificent animals? Please stop this horrible act! Just because they are baby chicks doesn't mean they don't feel anything. How would you like it if you were tossed into a machine that is going to slash and mangle you alive?
6263. Ellen Arias
Tue 27/9/16 12:16am
PLEASE just stop this. PLEASE!
6262. Laura Gethen Smith
Tue 27/9/16 12:15am
End this disgustingly barbaric practice immediately. What kind of people are you that can facilitate and conduct this appalling cruelty?AZKmMk
6261. Taka Stephens
Tue 27/9/16 12:10am
6260. l'hour maryline
Tue 27/9/16 12:08am
6259. Bartha Sjoerdsma
Tue 27/9/16 12:06am
6258. jan
Tue 27/9/16 12:05am
6257. Sheila Merry
Tue 27/9/16 12:00am
The shedding of LIVE male chicks is barbaric horrendous cruelty! its should never ever have been allowed to happen, I will never understand how some people except the dreadful cruelty towards animals is OK? it will NEVER be OK!!!
6256. Carine Detry
Mon 26/9/16 11:59pm
6255. Sherry Seibold
Mon 26/9/16 11:58pm
6254. Faye Lamboley
Mon 26/9/16 11:58pm
6253. Kerry
Mon 26/9/16 11:58pm
Utterly horrible way to die and so pointless. Will not be buying eggs again..
6252. Renee Molony
Mon 26/9/16 11:57pm
6251. Margarita Gil
Mon 26/9/16 11:53pm
Stop this horror, please!
6250. Jo Ellis
Mon 26/9/16 11:47pm
Please put an immediate stop to the mass slaughter of male chicks.! This is so cruel, and these babies are just being born to die a horrible death!!!
6249. John Haslam
Mon 26/9/16 11:45pm
6248. Shelby Heimbach
Mon 26/9/16 11:45pm
6247. Francoise Desrochers
Mon 26/9/16 11:37pm
6246. Angie Sampson
Mon 26/9/16 11:28pm
Stop this immediately. It's horrifying, incredibly cruel and totLly unnecessary
6245. Cécile Khoury
Mon 26/9/16 11:26pm
Stop this
brutal practice and act humanely and reasonably. You wouldn't want to stop People from eating eggs, would you?
6244. as er
Mon 26/9/16 11:25pm
6243. Dennis stabler
Mon 26/9/16 11:25pm
I never realised something THIS BARBARIC is the current method used!!!!!
This MUST BE STOPPED as soon as possible!!!!
6242. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 11:18pm
Please stop the inhumane treatment and mass killing of day-old male chicks. Please.
6241. yo pere
Mon 26/9/16 11:17pm
Stop it please
6240. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 11:16pm
6239. Brigitta MacMillan
Mon 26/9/16 11:16pm
This is horrific cruelty. What human could really do this!
6238. Dagmar Retzel
Mon 26/9/16 11:16pm
6237. Paula macdonald
Mon 26/9/16 11:16pm
Stop this barbaric act please
6236. Tanisa
Mon 26/9/16 11:13pm
Please concider a humane approach in egg production and stop the maceration of male chicks.
6235. Steve Overton
Mon 26/9/16 11:11pm
6234. Patti Barnes
Mon 26/9/16 11:06pm
This is horrific and insanely INHUMANE!!!!
6233. Emma Button
Mon 26/9/16 11:05pm
6232. Sasha Patrick
Mon 26/9/16 10:59pm
Please stop this
6231. Nicki Hill
Mon 26/9/16 10:54pm
The film that changed my life when I was 11 years old. This is the reason I am now vegan. It is utterly deplorable.
6230. Karen Fagan
Mon 26/9/16 10:54pm
6229. Della Oliver
Mon 26/9/16 10:53pm
If these animals could talk they would say please help me.
6228. Martina Behla
Mon 26/9/16 10:52pm
6227. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 10:50pm
please stop , this is way to sad and cruel , in this day and age there must be a more humane way of farming eggs
6226. Louise Slattery
Mon 26/9/16 10:49pm
Stop this horrific cruelty.
6225. Shana Gerwens
Mon 26/9/16 10:48pm
6224. Terry Tedesco-Kerrick
Mon 26/9/16 10:48pm
6223. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 10:45pm
Please end these cruel and barbaric practices.
6222. Lynn Tan
Mon 26/9/16 10:38pm
6221. Vanden abbeelen
Mon 26/9/16 10:38pm
6220. Sandra Costa
Mon 26/9/16 10:37pm
6219. Silvana Lamarr
Mon 26/9/16 10:32pm
This must be stopped! It is just the most awful thing to inflict on another living and thinking being.
6218. Ron Goldberg
Mon 26/9/16 10:30pm
6217. Sherry Thornton
Mon 26/9/16 10:29pm
Please stop murdering male baby chicks!
6216. Mark Betti
Mon 26/9/16 10:27pm
This practice is horrific and must be stopped immediately and permanently. Please find a more humane alternative.
6215. Martina Brömelmeyer
Mon 26/9/16 10:26pm
Everybody who eat eggs is guilty in it! Murderer!
6214. Glenda McIntyre
Mon 26/9/16 10:25pm
Australian farm animals deserve the same protection as companion pets or wild animals. It would be correctly deemed as barbaric and illegal if someone put their live pet budgie through a mincer, yet egg farmers do this to day-old chicks. Please ban this disgraceful practice
6213. Fiona Priskich
Mon 26/9/16 10:24pm
6212. Vicks paterson
Mon 26/9/16 10:23pm
6211. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 10:22pm
6210. Antonella Nielsen
Mon 26/9/16 10:18pm
6209. Gabriela Duarte
Mon 26/9/16 10:16pm
6208. Kate Kenner
Mon 26/9/16 10:15pm
this is disgusting. What makes anyone think it is acceptable to shred living beings? Imagine if it was your body being out through that horror machine and how it would feel.
6207. Frédérique Laibe
Mon 26/9/16 10:14pm
Please stop it now !
6206. Sharon Gare
Mon 26/9/16 10:07pm
6205. Theresa AzevedoK
Mon 26/9/16 10:06pm
6204. Marylou Sanchez
Mon 26/9/16 10:05pm
Respect for LIFE
6203. Jane ODonoghue
Mon 26/9/16 10:03pm
Please stop this awful practice and embrace the new technology to prevent deaths of so many male chicks.
6202. Lynette Walker
Mon 26/9/16 9:59pm
What on earth is happening to people in this world today, when we have to kill chickens by putting them through a shredder just like paper the barbaric cruelty is unbelieveable. Why is my government allowing such horrendous practice, they are definitely NOT speaking for me.
6201. Daniel Fuhro Souto
Mon 26/9/16 9:58pm
6200. linda wyatt
Mon 26/9/16 9:55pm
6199. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:54pm
6198. Nikali Hartman
Mon 26/9/16 9:53pm
6197. Patricia Gouge
Mon 26/9/16 9:53pm
6196. Alice Witt
Mon 26/9/16 9:52pm
6195. Robyn Jessup
Mon 26/9/16 9:52pm
Please stop this barbaric practice!!!
6194. Maelie Bugat
Mon 26/9/16 9:51pm
6193. Shyreen Lal
Mon 26/9/16 9:50pm
This HAS to stop!! I am never eating eggs again. I can't believe that this is allowed in such a progressive country. I am deeply applied and WILL spread the news about what the egg corps are doing.
6192. Jill Mason-Hoad
Mon 26/9/16 9:46pm
This is extremely upsetting I will no longer buy eggs.
6191. Chantal Buslot
Mon 26/9/16 9:43pm
6190. Janine boguslawski
Mon 26/9/16 9:42pm
I cant believe this happens.anything for a company to save a buck!
6189. Rachael Proctor
Mon 26/9/16 9:41pm
6188. Chris Adlard
Mon 26/9/16 9:40pm
It's time Australia stopped these cruel practices. It's disgusting that this is not only tolerated, but still legal.
6187. Gary Dingle
Mon 26/9/16 9:39pm
6186. Celia Chen
Mon 26/9/16 9:38pm
this is awful please stop their pain and suffering.
6185. mg seabra
Mon 26/9/16 9:38pm
6184. Vanessa
Mon 26/9/16 9:36pm
Never feel the sun on their face, grass underneath their feet, or the warm of their mum. Just horror, panic, and unspeakable malice.
6183. wendy gill
Mon 26/9/16 9:33pm
The egg industry must take responsibility for the cruelty in their industry and immediately stop the mass slaughter of male chicks.
6182. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:30pm
Stop the cruelty
6181. Karyn Gordon
Mon 26/9/16 9:30pm
6180. Sally Hudson
Mon 26/9/16 9:28pm
Put yourself in their place. Didn't think so.
6179. Alessandro Zabini
Mon 26/9/16 9:27pm
6178. Ann Fisk
Mon 26/9/16 9:27pm
6177. Rochelle Macredie
Mon 26/9/16 9:26pm
Stop this barbarism immediately - it's utterly shameful!
Mon 26/9/16 9:22pm
6175. Ildi Ehsman
Mon 26/9/16 9:22pm
Draconian shocking cruelty! This brutality must stop immediately.
6174. Javier
Mon 26/9/16 9:22pm
6173. Katalin Apathy
Mon 26/9/16 9:19pm
6172. Anne Doran
Mon 26/9/16 9:17pm
Please stop this disgraceful killing of day-old chicks.
6171. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:16pm
6170. Christina P James
Mon 26/9/16 9:15pm
6169. Corrina Parker
Mon 26/9/16 9:15pm
6168. Elizabeth
Mon 26/9/16 9:13pm
6167. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:12pm
6166. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:10pm
This barbaric practice should be stopped. You have the technology to screen the gender before these chicks are hatched, use it.
6165. Grace chabot
Mon 26/9/16 9:09pm
This is sickening and cruel
6164. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:04pm
6163. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 9:04pm
6162. Rasit Aslim
Mon 26/9/16 9:03pm
6161. Carolyn Woodward
Mon 26/9/16 9:03pm
I am absolutely appalled by the shredding of day old chicks. How can any person believe that this cruelty is acceptable? This must be stopped now.
6160. Melanie
Mon 26/9/16 9:03pm
6159. sonya ziakas
Mon 26/9/16 9:03pm
6158. JB Marks
Mon 26/9/16 9:00pm
the process that is being utilized in the egg industry is cruel and abusive and it needs to stop now. Chickens are extremely intelligent, with similar cognitive abilities to mammals. They are capable of stress, fear and pain- exactly what they would be suffering when being macerated or gassed.

The egg industry must take responsibility for this cruelty in the industry and immediately stop the mass slaughter of male chicks.
6157. Rachel
Mon 26/9/16 8:57pm
6156. Kate Kenzie
Mon 26/9/16 8:55pm
6155. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:52pm
I can't believe you do this to chicks! Unforgivable, so we and others will refuse to support this. No eggs. No chicken! Until you say NO!
6154. Eliana
Mon 26/9/16 8:49pm
6153. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:47pm
6152. Nicole Walsh
Mon 26/9/16 8:46pm
Same thing happens to male calves in the dairy industry (sent for slaughter within days of being born) - they are considered disposable because they have no economic value.
6151. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:46pm
Unbelievable. How can anyone think this practice is ok. How can humans do this to another being. Terrible!!!
6150. Victoria Duff
Mon 26/9/16 8:45pm
6149. Michael Mildenhall
Mon 26/9/16 8:42pm
Fix it...!!!
6148. Penny Johnson
Mon 26/9/16 8:42pm
6147. Andrew Evans
Mon 26/9/16 8:41pm
It is well overdue that the barbaric practice of grinding up male chicks alive, or stuffing them into bags/containers/whatnot for gassing becomes an atrocity of the past - something we look at like medieval torture devices. End the practice and start using science to determine the sex of chicks before incubation NOW.
6146. sarah byrnes
Mon 26/9/16 8:36pm
It's time to end this cruelty. Please make it happen.
6145. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:36pm
6144. Shannon Ichikawa
Mon 26/9/16 8:35pm
6143. Michele
Mon 26/9/16 8:34pm
This must stop! Absolutely cruel
6142. Tess
Mon 26/9/16 8:34pm
6141. Keith Preston
Mon 26/9/16 8:34pm
Has to end. It is heartbreaking and inhuman
6140. Maralyn Crook
Mon 26/9/16 8:29pm
6139. Katherine Sampson
Mon 26/9/16 8:27pm
6138. federica bracciotti
Mon 26/9/16 8:26pm
6137. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:26pm
6136. Rosalind Stobbie
Mon 26/9/16 8:25pm
This is nothing short of barbaric,horrific and horrendous to say the least. Every animal feels pain and fear just like we do. No animal should have to suffer such a horrific death like this.
6135. Sanand D
Mon 26/9/16 8:13pm
6134. Beverley shirley
Mon 26/9/16 8:10pm
These animals are giving you your livelihood and look how you are giving back to them. So cruel and unfair . Let's hope your born baby boys don't go the same way
6133. Mrs Paula Poropat
Mon 26/9/16 8:10pm
This cruelty must stop
6132. jane russell
Mon 26/9/16 8:09pm
this is sick. who the hell thought that this is ok. certainly not the consumer of eggs. this should never have been allowed to happen.
6131. Joanne Amey
Mon 26/9/16 8:09pm
Cockerels could be at least raised, humanely kept and culled for food later - although ideally we are all vegetarian and all chickens and cockerels are pets, it would at least be preferable to what is occurring.
6130. Sue Ross
Mon 26/9/16 8:08pm
6129. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:07pm
6128. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 8:06pm
6127. Simone Restelli3vtecm
Mon 26/9/16 8:05pm
6126. Michel Parein
Mon 26/9/16 8:02pm
6125. Ilona Roth-Schlipf
Mon 26/9/16 7:58pm
6124. Stephen de Tarczynski
Mon 26/9/16 7:56pm
A decent society would immediately outlaw this kind of cruelty.
6123. Aleksandra
Mon 26/9/16 7:54pm
6122. Helen Wynne
Mon 26/9/16 7:54pm
6121. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 7:45pm
For heavens sake use the new technology and stops this unnecessary cruelty.
6120. Isabelle
Mon 26/9/16 7:45pm
6119. Teresa Wlosowicz
Mon 26/9/16 7:44pm
6118. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 7:43pm
6117. Alfred Pietrus
Mon 26/9/16 7:41pm
If any one would be killing small chikens in this very cruel way on this scale at his home he would be called crazy deviant but when industry is doing this , it's acceptable . Is it OK ? I don't think so , it's making me sick in the stomach watching those videos of mass killings of small chikens .
6116. Anne Moorhead
Mon 26/9/16 7:37pm
I congratulate Australia on the big efforts that are being made to stop all cruelty to animals and other creatures in the country.
6115. Marion van de Kar
Mon 26/9/16 7:35pm
6114. Benjamin McKenna
Mon 26/9/16 7:33pm
6113. Julie clymo
Mon 26/9/16 7:30pm
6112. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 7:27pm
6111. Deborah Rees
Mon 26/9/16 7:27pm
This is horrifying!!
I do not understand how this can happen in this so called enlightened age. How can anyone working there and witnessing this and not taking action sleep at night. Apathy or fear of losing their job is no excuse.
All in the name of profit. They should hang their heads in shame.
6110. Stephanie Vorse
Mon 26/9/16 7:26pm
Please stop this unnecessary cruelty.
6109. Kalliopi Grafakou
Mon 26/9/16 7:25pm
6108. Gail Nicholas
Mon 26/9/16 7:24pm
It makes my feel ill just reading about what is done to day-old male chicks and the de-beaking of female chicks and the way they are treated and something has to be done about it.
6107. Oliver Gotthold
Mon 26/9/16 7:22pm
This is barbaric. I can't believe that this is legal in an so called developed country
6106. Barry Thomas
Mon 26/9/16 7:22pm
Please do something. Gas first before slaughter. Hurry up stopping male eggs being hatched.
6105. Lauraine Wilson
Mon 26/9/16 7:20pm
6104. Terri Ellis
Mon 26/9/16 7:18pm
6103. pamela kirk
Mon 26/9/16 7:08pm
This is outrages i cant believe this is happening in Australia its so cruil and has to stop its barbaric
6102. Moira Farrelly
Mon 26/9/16 7:08pm
This is so cruel
6101. Krystina Kellingley
Mon 26/9/16 7:06pm
Horrendous! This must stop!
6100. Christina Ellul
Mon 26/9/16 7:05pm
There's got to be animal way. For god's sake, how bloody cruel!
6099. Jo
Mon 26/9/16 7:04pm
6098. Lozz Starseed
Mon 26/9/16 7:04pm
6097. Axa Tolonen
Mon 26/9/16 7:02pm
6096. Katrina Farquharson
Mon 26/9/16 7:02pm
This is truly shocking & sickening how can any company or employee think it is right & acceptable to condemn any living creature to an agonising & tortuous death! We must all make a stand & stop turning a blind eye this must be bannedas a matter of urgency & those who flout the law must pay a heavy price!
6095. Steve Homer
Mon 26/9/16 7:01pm
It is practises like yours that are leading many people, including myself, to become vegan. I am happy to say that I can sleep at night with a clear conscience.
6094. janja majzelj
Mon 26/9/16 6:56pm
6093. Linda Hazelgrave
Mon 26/9/16 6:56pm
6092. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:54pm
Please stop the suffering of these chicks ,they feel pain just like humans .
6091. Hedwig Creve
Mon 26/9/16 6:52pm
6090. Christine
Mon 26/9/16 6:51pm
This cruel and needless slaughter has to be stopped immediately. Use that technology you have or you will find that people WILL STOP buying eggs and that will have grave effects on your business!!
6089. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:51pm
6088. Tanya Urago
Mon 26/9/16 6:48pm
I feel horror, revulsion and deep sadness that any human being can do this, or stand by and do nothing to stop this. How is this any different than the savage cruelty and slaughter that terrorists inflict? To deem it okay to grind a live chick to death, how is this different to grinding a live dog to death, or a live horse, or a live human baby? You must be devoid of compassion, you must be so narcissistic that you only consider your own feelings, your own monetary gain. How tragic that by the year 2016 human beings are still so barbaric!
6087. Elaine Wilson
Mon 26/9/16 6:47pm
If this doesn't stop I will and members of my family will stop eating eggs, this is cruelty beyond belief.
6086. Louise LE JEUNE
Mon 26/9/16 6:47pm
Il faut arrêter le massacre de ces êtres vivants.
6085. sheila Bennett6h73DM
Mon 26/9/16 6:47pm
6084. Angela Martinez
Mon 26/9/16 6:44pm
Stop the torture of baby chick's from this evil slaughter.
6083. Elisabeth Richter
Mon 26/9/16 6:44pm
6082. Debbie Stevens
Mon 26/9/16 6:43pm
6081. Lorraine Weaver
Mon 26/9/16 6:42pm
6080. Terry
Mon 26/9/16 6:40pm
6079. Ross Hooper
Mon 26/9/16 6:37pm
6078. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:36pm
prevention is always better than cure..use the technology to stop this senseless procedure.
6077. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:35pm
6076. Cadi McInerney
Mon 26/9/16 6:34pm
This is a horrible and disgusting practice. It must stop.
6075. Pâquerette Preborski
Mon 26/9/16 6:32pm
6074. A Andries
Mon 26/9/16 6:29pm
6073. Pam Woodward
Mon 26/9/16 6:23pm
A country is judged by the way it treats its animals. Australia has little credibility in this area.
I'm ashamed to be an Australian citizen if this is legal.
6072. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:23pm
We live in a modern society where we can surely have processes that are more humane and less barbaric. Such a cruel and torturous act should be banned.
6071. Isidora Damm
Mon 26/9/16 6:21pm
Awaken people to see animals as their fellow beings.
6070. Sharon Wood
Mon 26/9/16 6:21pm
Stop this cruelty now , humans are the worst species on this planet.
6069. Angela Fossi
Mon 26/9/16 6:19pm
Please end this horrific and senseless violence towards innocent creatures who have every right to live just as much as anyone else. This is absolutely shameful and a further blight on our planet from this industry!
6068. Judy Moran
Mon 26/9/16 6:19pm
6067. Sarah Horwood
Mon 26/9/16 6:19pm
Please, please stop this inhumane practice.
6066. Cate Madill
Mon 26/9/16 6:19pm
6065. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:16pm
Put the science to work and use more sustainable egg management
6064. Dee Rainey
Mon 26/9/16 6:16pm
This is sick!!! The human race is despicable....
6063. Dana Rogers
Mon 26/9/16 6:16pm
6062. Nicola Foster
Mon 26/9/16 6:11pm
6061. Miia Suuronen
Mon 26/9/16 6:11pm
6060. Adriana
Mon 26/9/16 6:10pm
This is absolutely disgusting, cruel and unnecessary!! This has to stop NOW. There is no excuse for this treatment.
6059. Vittorio Ricci
Mon 26/9/16 6:09pm
6058. Lorna Stewart
Mon 26/9/16 6:09pm
This is horrific - it must stop.
6057. June Sze Teong
Mon 26/9/16 6:08pm
Please immediately stop the mass slaughter of male chicks and cruel debeaking act!
6056. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:08pm
6055. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 6:07pm
6054. Bernadette Towan
Mon 26/9/16 6:07pm
This is disgusting! I never knew this happened.
6053. Arja Lumme
Mon 26/9/16 6:07pm
Stop the mass killing of day-old male chicks.
6052. Glenda Bateson
Mon 26/9/16 6:03pm
6051. Bev Woodburn
Mon 26/9/16 6:03pm
The atrocities of unimaginable torture, suffering and a heinous death committed against helpless and innocent male chickens in Australia and Worldwide must be stopped and banned forever. This is an abomination of the vilest of animal torture and suffering committed against baby chickens.
6050. Angelique Delattre
Mon 26/9/16 6:02pm
6049. Jade Owen
Mon 26/9/16 6:00pm
Whoever commits these monstrous acts should be punished as they are dangerous to society. No one should be capable if this amount of cruelty, sadism or complete lack of empathy, without being detained for the safety of everyone . How can anyone justify this as legal? Convenience doesn't entitle people to kill
6048. Paul & Di Hind
Mon 26/9/16 5:59pm
This cruelty has got to stop.
6047. Keith Hindley
Mon 26/9/16 5:58pm
We try to stop mass killing in underdeveloped country's, buts its happening here. How you can kill chicks with a mincing machine every day by the thousands. We are sicker than I thought possible. You should be ashamed.
6046. sue hall
Mon 26/9/16 5:58pm
cannot find the words to describe how this makes me feel
6045. Lee Sutton
Mon 26/9/16 5:57pm
6044. Amitha Hewavitharana
Mon 26/9/16 5:55pm
6043. Ann Jones
Mon 26/9/16 5:53pm
6042. Helen Pritchard
Mon 26/9/16 5:50pm
6041. susan thornton
Mon 26/9/16 5:48pm
6040. Frances Bell
Mon 26/9/16 5:47pm
6039. Carol Williams
Mon 26/9/16 5:45pm
6038. Alison
Mon 26/9/16 5:43pm
This is appalling, and so cruel! Egg industry, take responsibility for this and come up with a humane solution - or it's time to stop eating eggs.
6037. Debbie
Mon 26/9/16 5:40pm
6036. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:37pm
6035. Peter Collins
Mon 26/9/16 5:37pm
6034. Branislav Stajcic
Mon 26/9/16 5:32pm
I think I will stop buying now even those free range eggs. This is barbaric industry.
6033. Tony Day
Mon 26/9/16 5:29pm
The low-life responsible for allowing this to continue are incapable, inhumane and should be strung-up, as for those actually sorting and murdering these chicks - make them put their own family members, ie children, parents, siblings, onto the conveyer and hear them squeal as the blades start cutting into them.
6032. Rhonda Collins
Mon 26/9/16 5:29pm
Until the Australian egg industry is capable of ethical and humane egg production we will continue to source our eggs from backyard hen owners.
6031. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:28pm
6030. Julie Brand
Mon 26/9/16 5:28pm
You should be ashamed to allow this barbaric practice. I am.
6029. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:26pm
There is no justification for cruelty!
Mon 26/9/16 5:25pm
6027. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:25pm
Please stop the mass slaughter of male chicks
6026. Shelagh Maitland
Mon 26/9/16 5:19pm
6025. Lyndsey Hatchwell
Mon 26/9/16 5:14pm
How disgusting that you have a humane scientific alternative and you carry on slashing and macerating day old chicks because they are "not viable" have a choice, they don't. Profit stinks if it is at such a cost.
6024. leyna casey
Mon 26/9/16 5:12pm
6023. Alison Fennell
Mon 26/9/16 5:12pm
Dear God in heaven - who the hell do we think we are? Please stop this barbaric treatment of these defenceless innocent animals. This cannot be tolerated on our planet. Every animal has the right to live and not be harmed. In years to come we will look back at our appalling treatment of animals with disbelief and shame as we now do with slavery of different races. We have to change our outlook and minds and accept that we are not "superior" and that they are not "just animals" - please pass legislation that raises the status of animals to that of humans now. They have no voice! Thank you. Alison Fennell
6022. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:10pm
Please put an end to this cruelty
6021. Ingrid Becker
Mon 26/9/16 5:10pm
This is the cruellest treatment of animals I can think of. Grinding them to death! De-beaking! Come on people how do you treat animals like this and live with yourselves!
6020. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 5:09pm
6019. Melody Palmer
Mon 26/9/16 5:08pm
6018. Liz Richardson
Mon 26/9/16 5:07pm
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” -Gandhi
6017. Veronica Adolphe
Mon 26/9/16 5:03pm
this is disgusting and so cruel
6016. harneet
Mon 26/9/16 5:02pm
6015. Lucy Lawes
Mon 26/9/16 4:58pm
Solutions are out there. Be human. Feel something, and do something about this unnecessary cruelty!!!
6014. Barbara Clukey
Mon 26/9/16 4:57pm
6013. Josephine Burns
Mon 26/9/16 4:54pm
Please don't shred baby chicks :-(
6012. Bonita Alice
Mon 26/9/16 4:51pm
6011. Charlotte
Mon 26/9/16 4:49pm
Although I have been aware that male chicks aren't obviously highly valued as females, I had no idea they were disposed of in this horrid, cruel way. And I don't believe people are aware of this. More awareness is needed on this issue and its time animals weren't treated as objects but as actual living, feeling creatures.
6010. Anonymous
Mon 26/9/16 4:47pm
6009. Debbie Myerson
Mon 26/9/16 4:46pm
6008. Annette Berghammer
Mon 26/9/16 4:42pm
6007. Tim Howick-Smith
Mon 26/9/16 4:41pm
6006. Kelly Ayers
Mon 26/9/16 4:39pm
6005. Quentin Dresser
Mon 26/9/16 4:38pm
It is time to end these practices of yesteryear and conduct business in a way that avoids any brutality.
6004. Sandra McKendrick
Mon 26/9/16 4:36pm
6003. Cheryl Gough
Mon 26/9/16 4:32pm